Can I still get a BFP if my HPT was negative 6dp5dt?


Ladies I need some hope!!! I am 6dp5dt and took a HPT this am and got a BFN with a FRER. Yesterday I was so sure I was pregnant and today I just feel so devastated! Is it possible it still could be too early? My beta is 11/14 (Thursday). I need some hope that maybe I will get a BFP still? I don’t want to continue to be down like this but I want to be realistic also. HELP!!!


Hi NicuRN, I got an BFN on a HPT on the morning of my Beta. I was so down, and disappointed, that when the RE office called to tell me it was a BFP, I made her double check her results. When I told her a took a HPT she told me they hate those things. As my RE office says, stay cautiously optimistic! Good luck…don’t count yourself out yet.


Wow that’s amazing! Thanks for replying! Yeah my RE said not to take a HPT but I was really hoping to see those 2 lines!


Thanks for the encouraging post! :slight_smile:


Following this…nicuRN, obviously us nurses are one in the same!! Polly Pessimists and over analyzers :). will be crossing my fingers for your BFP!!!


Well HPT on 7dp5dt was BFN too :(… Ugh this sucks! I know there is techniqually still a chance but it isn’t a good one.


NOoooo, lets no give up hope!!!.. We got the same beta so we can do this. lets just cross are fingers and toes until then, any symptoms??


Take a break from the HPT. Praying you get your BFP! Don’t give up.


Take a break from the HPT. Praying you get your BFP! Don’t give up.


Take a break from the HPTs. Praying you get your BFP!


I know this is old but it seems people a lot of times don’t come back after their BFP. I tested negative on 4 HPT prior to my beta including the morning of and had a huge whooping BFP with my beta (188) and I’m pregnant with twins! Don’t lose hope if you’re not getting your dark lines… It can happen. I’m a RN too and all my nursing friends make fun of me for having “user error” but I do think that things can happen, faulty tests, diluted urine, ect


Google home pregnancy test sensitivity compared to serum HCG. Some sticks are more sensitive than others. Also, because HCG doubles every 48 hours and on average a singleton pregnancy is 100 at 14 dpo, it would be 50 on 12 dpo or ~35 at 11 dpo. Not many sticks can pick up 35 serum HCG.