Can men be too involved in treatment?


Out of about a dozen visits with the RE, I’ve only missed one (work is very flexible with me). I know all the ins and outs of my wife’s cycle. It’s never awkward for me to call and set up an appointment or reorder meds if she asks. I like to think of myself as supportive… I want a baby just as much as she does, and I’ll do anything (within reason) to make that possible. However, I often see women in the doctor’s office without a significant other, and it’s been brought to my attention that not many men are this involved. My wife says she likes me being there and helping her remember everything, but I can’t help but wonder if this is really okay. Are there any other really involved male SO’s on this site? Any women find their male SO is too involved with trying?


I think it’s great that you’re very involved and it sounds like your wife really appreciates it too! As long as you’re not being overbearing to your wife, then I think it’s wonderful! My husband really wants to have a baby as well and is somewhat involved, but he’s an IT (does computer stuff) guy and doesn’t really know a whole lot about the health care field. He goes to some appointments but doesn’t really know the ins and out of cycles, meds, etc… The extent of him being involved is very simple: deciding how many embryos to transfer, coming to some appointments, and taking care of me after the egg retrieval… I do all of my own meds, shots, appointments, and even payments… I think each relationship is different and as long as the wife feels like she’s getting enough support and she’s comfortable with the level of husband’s involvement, then its fine. I think it’s more rare to have a husband that’s as involved as you, but I’m sure your wife feels less stressed because you’re “sharing the workload.” Good for you =)


I think its great that you’re so involved with the process! My husband went with me to all of my appointments and I was happy about that.