Can someone help me make up my mind?


I am not sure if this forum is perfect fit for this discussion… but here is my situation.

Around same time last year I lost promotion to a person less qualified and skilled than me just because she has worked in this organization for longer duration than me. I accepted it only because I am TTC and don’t mind not giving up on career front. Time and again I feel my skills are under utilized but I have continued working in my current works place because:

  1. Health coverage is good - covers 100% drug costs
  2. Boss is super nice and don’t mind me working from home and coming late to work. Sometime I don’t even put my day offs through database, so I actually get more vacation than what I am eligible for.

Few days ago I came across wonderful job opportunity and my husband said see what is there in the market take the interview. I went for the interview yesterday and besides I was told that the company is very picky I received email immediately yesterday evening that they want to go ahead for the second round of interview.

Now I am confused a bit because this job might make me busy, clinic is far away from new work place. Also I am not sure how my new boss is going to be in terms of time offs.

I asked my husband and he does not have any opinion. He is very liberal. He simply said you have to see if you will be able to manage treatments with busier job. My only fear is that if there is any problem with treatments in future he might just say its your fault you should have judged how you were going to manage time. It has happened before. He is very sweet at heart but short tempered. He actual said sorry after the fact but that does not reduce my guilty feel. (infertility is due to flows in me)

Sorry for such a long post, but what would you do in such a case? Should I go for the second round? I need opinions at this point my brain is not helping me.


If the fertility clinic is far away I would think twice about accepting. Your new boss might not appreciate a new employee who needs so much time off, especially if it might lead to maternity leave. Its your call. :babydust:


I chose to say at my job even though it pays less, for many of the same reasons; my boss is super nice and understanding too. I’m able to do anything I need in terms of TTC, and I know I won’t have problems with Dr. appts, maternity leave, a sick child etc. The job I was interviewing with was ok with IVF…I told them right off the bat. In fact, the boss at the new job has 4 children through IVF and they still wanted to hire me. However, I stayed where I am because of more affordable insurance, a lot more vacation, and more freedom to come in when I want, etc. It sounds like you have it made where you are. Have you tried telling your boss how bothered you are getting passed over these promotions, rather than leaving?


You said your upcoming office is far from your home and also you said your present working office perfectly suits you ! Then why take chances ? Who knows due to over load of work and long journey from your office may disturb you and your relation … Be happy with what you got now and i guess not only you but everyone should give more importance to relation then work … So my reply would be “NO” to your question… and who knows in your future you may even get a better job which is also near to your house … So cheers :flower: