Can the Progesterone Test after ET be an indicator of pregnancy?


I just had the progesterone test done today and it was 17. I have another week before my pregnancy test and was just wondering if that number is low, and if it means i’m not pregnant. My nurse said it’s fine and it has nothing to do with that, but I wonder if it is some indication for them. Does anyone know? I hate how stressful the 2ww is! :pray:


Even after I was pregnant, my progesterone never went much higher than that. I think your nurse is right. Good luck to you!!!


It is not an indicator of pregnancy and it should be above 10. Progesterones job is to support the uterine lining until the placenta can take over. It has nothing to do with the embryo per say it just helps keep the lining nice and plush so the embryo has a nice lining to attach to, and it also keeps AF away. The determining factor of success is embryo quality your Progesterone is fine. I know the 2 week wait is hard but you will get through it.


Despite having higher PIO doses than most people my progesterone was still pretty low, even when I went in for my beta- I’m 27 weeks now with twins.
Don’t get freaked out by it at all! They can always adjust supplemental progesterone doses if they think they need to.