Can there be too much progesterone


For my first 2 transfers, I did Progesterone in oil(PIO) and both were BFN. I am wondering if there can be such a thing as too much progesterone for implantation.I am doing progesterone suppositories and hcg shots this cycle. Don’t know if this is enough or should I add in PIO? So confusing.

Anyone have any thoughts on this?


I don’t have the medical answer for this.

However, I had my progesterone checked several times during my protocol. I was on PIO before and the 2 weeks after transfer. It was checked 3 times while on PIO and it was around 50 each time.

I was starting to have a reaction to the PIO so I went to endometrim and oral progesterone and my level was over 100 after that (only checked once so far). They will be checking again next week.

Unfortunately I don’t have a PIO vs. only suppository (endometrim) comparrision number. I know there is a huge mix of what RE’s use…PIO, endometrim, crinone, oral, ect…and women seem to get pregnant on all of them.

Good Luck!!!


I don’t think so. For my cycle we did PIO every other day–the protocol was one day endometrin 3x/day, the next day PIO in the am and endometrin in the pm. And it was an ovulation induction cycle, so presumably I had a corpus luteum pumping out prog as well. My levels varied 30-50 depending on when it was checked (like if it was a PIO day or not).


Thanks everyone I added in 2cc PIO shots last night and will probably do it every other night.