can you comment on this scenario??


well girls, here we are, day 8 post IUI…i am nervous and climbing the walls over this wait! i have a scenario to discribe…

dd was conceived 8 yrs ago with minimal intercession by our doc. i had some dermoid tumors removed, we did clomid and met, and POOF- pregnant.

we have been trying again for a while now, and ended up having iui 8 days ago. it was sort of unexpected, we were told this was a failed cycle, but then i went for a second ultrasound and there were 5 good follies! i did NOT trigger, but i DID ovulate on my own!!!

so…i talked to RE on friday last week following ultrasound, he says to BD and we will see you tomorrow for IUI. so we BD, then go to office the following day for IUI. SA at IUI, RE says DH has low count. like <10million…so now DH has to have formal analysis.


  1. is DH really a low count, or was his count just low from BD only 10 hrs earlier???

  2. any successes here with DH low counts? RE says by doing IUI we have basically concentrated the count, but that if DH count is <5M, he will refer for ICSI. don’t really want to go there due to costs!!!

in any case, i think my mind is just racing along from the wait! thanks -a-


I wouldn’t worry until you get a full s/a back. Its more than likely due to the bding 10hours before the IUI. But with that low of a count after 10 hours i’d say he “might might” be on the lower side of normal. But don’t stress until you know for sure. It takes a mans sperm 24hours to regroup itself after a release.



Go ahead and do the full analysis, but it was probably low from BD only 10 hours prior.

I had success with DH post-wash count at 7.5 mil, so even if he is on the low side, you don’t necessarily need to go to IVF/ICSI.

Prior IUI DH was only at 3.6mil. RE said if it was low again he would recommend moving to IVF, but he can’t require it.