Can you stim too fast?


I am on IVF#3 and I have not been comfortable with this cycle at all. It has been very hard on me emotionally and I just questioned everything. Anyway, on Friday my supression check came back and my e2 was 71 and I had 2 measureable follies (8 and 9). I questioned starting my follistim at 350 but was told that is what needs to be done. So I stimmed with 350 follistim on Fri, Sat, and Sun. I went today for a check and my e2 came back at 599 and I had a 17,16, 13 follicles (there were 5 total measurable follies…I didn’t get the measurement of the others). RE is saying ER could be Fri or Sat. I know this is really fast and my question is will this hurt my chances of being successful? (My RE keeps dodging the question)


Yes u can stim to fast … Sometimes a high E2 “fries” the Eggs and even though theyre mature they aren’t a good quality I believe that’s what happened to me I only stimmed 8 days.


I wondered the same thing. I had my first IVF in January, and I only stimmed for 7 days. At ER they retrieved 21 eggs, but only 11 were mature, and 7 fertilized with ICSI (My E2 was high… like 3600 the day of trigger). We did a 5-day transfer of two early blasts (the other three that were still around on day 5 were very poor quality and did not make it to freeze).

But it worked! I am now 10 and a half weeks pregnant with twins. I think if we do this again for future children, I would ask to be on a lower dose so more eggs have a chance to mature.

(It’s funny… when I was going through the stim process, I thought I would never forget my dosage, or any other details. But now just two months later, I can’t be sure. I think I was on 225 Follistim daily, and 75 Menopur every other day.)