Can you tell me what you think of my embryo pictures?


hello ladies im hoping that i added the links to my pictures to my embryos they implanted on day 3 just wanted to know if they were okay or of low quality??


OMY goodness ey came out huge on this post lol!!


Well, technically you mean you had 3 transferred to your uterus. Whether they implant remains to be seen, but if so, that will begin 3 or 4 days after a day 3 transfer.

I don’t know which 3 of these 5 were transferred. I assume the first one was. It looks perfect.


I think all five were transferred…judging by signature. They look like lovely embies! I think you will be preg in no time! They all look good, I still am shocked they transferred all, but after my first failed ivf I wanted to transfer more, too :slight_smile: good luck!


Oops. For some reason I thought she said 3 were transferred.

Five transferred. Wow. I did not expect that many.


They look great. I too am surprised they put back all 5. BOL :slight_smile:


Thanks ladies for the reply… I was shocked to when they told me all five so i thought i post a picture to see how te quality on them were cause they said they were pretty good >< I go for my blood test tomorrow in the am @830 Im very nervous but still hoping atleast one implanted about 3 days after transfer i didnt have a period or anything just a lil bright pink when i wiped that one time and now nothin… I read on here people have dark brown and its last for a couple days but i never had that… I am on PIO and estridal so I wasnt quite sure if i was suppose to start my period already or not… This is all very new to me but im trying to hold out from hpt so far so good :clap:


Your beta tomorrow wil tell more about how many implanted. I dont understand why they put so many good ones in at once instead of freezing some. Do u have any frosties? What was the reason they transfered so many? Just curious. Good luck tomorrow!


Hello ladies … well i got a bfn today and have stopped all meds. Hubby and I have prepared for either outcome but it still hurts all the same… We are thinking of giving it another go around in march but I don’t know if i can handle it as well if it didn’t work again. I am thankful for all your support and even more thankful that my husband is keeping me together right now… Good luck to all of you during this process and congrads for everyone who has gotten a bfp


You should read about staggered ivf on So sorry hun