Canadian Sperm Bank?


HI there! ma and my DH are prepping ourselves for our first ever iui taking place in June (if all test are complete by then - fingers crossed) we are in the process of choosing a donor but researching different banks referred to us by our RE (PCRM in BC) We have noticed that all the banks are American which is fine but as well as the ds its self the added price of shipping internationally is expensive. So we are hoping to find a Canadian bank to avoid the higher cost of international shipping but we have been unable to. Does any one know of a bank in Canada that ships to BC? thank you in advance :nerd:


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:clap: thank you the donor search begins!!


Google Outreach Services - this is a Canadian Agency that deals with Canadian Compliant Sperm Banks - the big ones being Repromed and Xytex. I’ve used Repromed for both my donor sperm. Expect to pay $200 to send to BC.