Canceled Cycle & Cysts



I am wondering if anyone else has had trouble with cancellations due to cysts. I have been told that these cysts are just follicles that filled with fluid and continued to grow after I ovulated and my cycle ended. I know that I am prone to these… but it was disappointing when my first IVF cycle was canceled because of a cyst 2.1 cm in size. I ran into a problem with cysts with Clomid also (one month I had three cysts over 2 cm.)

I asked my doctor (Schoolcraft at CCRM) and he said that there is nothing to be done for this type of cyst but wait it out. He canceled my cycle because he said that the cyst would continue to grow with the stimulating drugs and interfere with the other follicles. This makes sense to me… but I am wondering if anyone else had this same problem? I am afraid that it will continue, and I know that I am working against the clock as it is…



I personally haven’t had this issue, but it’s fairly common. I know several who have had cancelled cycles due to cysts.

Really sorry you are one of them. :grouphug:


I had a bunch of cycles (IUI, not IVF) cancelled due to a huge cyst. The Dr said it would go away with birth control but it never did. After six months of waiting I convinced him to let me cycle with the cyst, which he did. It didn’t get any bigger but did stay throughout that IUI cycle, during pregnancy, after my miscarriage. When I finally went to an RE for IVF the cyst was STILL there and they said as long as it wasn’t producing estrogen they’d let me cycle. You might want to ask about that. They FINALLY drained the cyst during my ER or I’m sure it would still be hanging around.