Cancelled Embryo Transfer Today


This is my 5th fresh ivf (and my last with my eggs), I have one daughter from my second ivf. She was a 6 cell embryo on day 3.
I have never had a 5 day transfer & have never had embryos make it to freeze. My doctor decided we should try something new this cycle & grow them to day 5, and if they are still slow growing on day 5 then he said to cancel transfer & check them on day 6 & freeze if they are blastocysts. I also did a ton of research before this cycle on supplements & improving egg quality & convinced him to use Human Growth Hormone with this cycle. Everything was looking really good from the start. I got 6 eggs at the ER and 5 fertilized. On day 3 I had an 8 Cell AA, 8 Cell BA & a 7 Cell BA.
(I have never had an 8 cell on day 3 and was shocked), so I thought for sure this embryo transfer would happen today. They called me at 7am and said not to come in & they want to watch them for one more day. One is an early blastocyst, one is a morula and the other might have stopped growing. All of them are (B) quality. I am so emotionally drained from all of this and I’m regretting my decision to do it this way. I wish we would of just done a 3 day transfer. Now if they make it to freeze tomorrow I have to wait 2 more months before I can do a frozen cycle. I have been waiting for 3 months to do this cycle, and have been eating super healthy and mentally prepared myself for this. I feel like I’m going to lose my mind and feel sick to my stomach about how this has turned out. Has anyone heard of doing it this way?


I have read that some times frozen transfers can be more successful than fresh because your body has not just been put through all the hormones required for follicle development. Maybe that’s why your doctor is doing it. Since you had one that was already at early blastocyst stage, then hopefully that one will at least make it to freeze. The morula has a good chance as well. I’m getting ready to do a transfer with a couple of frozen 6 day blastocysts myself next month, though they were my leftovers from a successful fresh transfer so not the same situation as yours. I hope you get a few frozen embryos, and wish you luck when they get transferred.


Yeah that is what he said in our consult when I agreed to it. Looking back, I would of just told him to do a 3 day transfer (unless they were growing slow on day 3, then I would of wanted him to grow to day 5), this was way too stressful doing it this way. Way worse than the 2 week wait (and that is hell!)
I just hope I have something to freeze.
Thanks for responding!


Did you have any to freeze? I recently did a donor egg cycle where we transferred an early blast on day 5. It was rated an EBCC, so I was not too hopeful, but I’m currently 12 weeks pregnant. I hope your early blast and the morula make it to freeze!


Yes I had two make it to freeze. One was a hatching blast 4BB and an expanded Blast 3BC. I have to wait till March for the frozen cycle -It seems like forever!
Congratulations on your pregnancy!


Good luck with your FET! After 3 failed 3 day transfers (none of remaining embryos made it to blast) I switched clinics and they wanted to grow to blast (I was terrified!). We wound up with 5 day6 blasts. We did an FET of 2 of those (4AA) and my boy/girl twins were born last April. I was really nervous about trying to grow to blast, FET, etc but it all worked out! I hope you are as fortunate.


Thank you for responding. Me too!