Cancelled IUI # 2 , Clomid + Ovidrel Shot+ Naturally


Hi Everyone

Hope everyone is doing fine. Here is my story:

  1. Diagnosed with Unexplained infertility.

  2. IUI #1 BFN

  3. Ready for IUI # 2, started Clomid 100Mg from 3day - 7th day, in between i have a appointment with my Re he said he would not suggest me to go for a IUI and he did SIS as i have fibroid he wants to see the uterus, he said complete the clomid dosage and try naturally. then for another 2-3 days i went for blood work and u/s then on 11th day he said take the ovidrel shot and try naturally, if everything goes then its fine otherwise on next cycle they try to remove the fibroid.

  4. On Endometrin 100 mg/d once daily.

My questions are:

  1. I know after ovidrel shot you will ovulate in 36-48 hr. but is it possible that you won’t ovulate and is it possible that you ovulate after 4-5 days??? sorry for my words as i am new and dont know the exact words to use :-). I checked with OPK and it showed me 2 days in a row positive after the shot, after that i didn’t checked.

  2. After 6-7 day of ovidrel shot some transparent fluid start coming and it comes for 2 days. Anybody know what does it mean??is it possible that i ovulated so late???Or it might its because of implantation. My 2WW ends on 15th July. Just praying :cross: this month results in :bfp: Please please please :pray:


if you had a maturing follicle, the ovidrel will help it release. it is very rare for that not to work.