cancelled IUI


Hello ladies,

My 3rd IUI for this month was cancelled. The follicles didn’t grow.

My first 2 IUIs I had 1 follicle at 2.2 and on 2.5mg of femara, this time nothing.

I see the doctor today for a review, and will let him know, to add injections to the femara, or do something to increase more follicles.

Been so sad, and came to work to find out 2 girls are prego again, after 1.5yrs of their first.

Great… and here I am everyone asking" we thought it would be you… they are on their 2nd already.



I’m so sorry gizmo! Hopefully adding the injectibles will be just the trick you need for the next cycle to work! Hopefully you can concentrate on that positive aspect and feel better!


thank you - big hugs


Urghs sorry that you had to go through such insensitive comments!

Maybe your body will respond better to injectibles, good luck.


Sorry Gizmo…that really stinks!

But there is hope…I did injects this month and had 22 follicles!!!

Hope you get to go on the injectables!!!


Gizmo, that sucks. I know how you feel with people around you getting preggers without any issues. Its the story of my life.

Have you tried Clomid & Gonal-F injections yet? They seemed to work much better for me this month. I hope your doctor will change your meds to increase your chances of mature follies!!

Best of luck and hang in there! :babydust:


Hey ladies,

So my RE did some additional blood work, I have great follicle snormally 24 each month. Did month the follciles did not grow, as I said before so the IUI was cancelled.

Blood work came back good ( even though some last test showed an elevated male hormone)

RE changed for my next cycle to do femara 2x a day ( he increased the dosage) and he added dexamasone as they said my LH surge goes up and down, has anyone used these 2 together.

I dont have any symptoms or signs of PCOS.