Cannot find a reson for recurrent loss- anybody see a similar situation?


I have only tried to get pregnant 2 times, and each time I’ve succeeded. My progesterone levels look great, my initial betas look great and double perfectly. I never spot, have pretty much an textbook perfect start. Things look good till about the 8th week(good heartbeat, growth on time), but between the 8th and 9th week, the heartbeat just stops.

The first time, the chromosomal analysis came back as normal, and I’m sure it will this time as well.

I don’t have anti phospholipd antibodies but the rest of the miscarriage panel has to be done. I have TPO antibodies, but was on thyroid hormone for my second try.

Am utterly and completely baffled (not to mention shattered). If you cannot see ANY problems, why do my babies keep dying, and in the same pattern?

Has anybody had a similar situation?


I am in the exact same situation, excpet that I already have a 3.5 yr old. We have been trying for over a year, get pregnant quickly, within 4 months, everything looks great, levels are rising nicely, saw heartbeat with second at 6wks6days and then around the 9 week mark the heartbeat stops. I have been give no answers, told to wait until 3 for further testing. My thyriod has been checked and has always been fine, I’m also and have been on thyroid medication for a few years now. The only thing that they have done is given me a prescription for progestrone suppositories and baby asprin. I’m at a lose, can’t bare another miscarriage and praying that the next time will be the one that “sticks”!


Brie, I’m so very sorry. I could not tell from your post, but has this happened once or twice???

Nowadays, especially if you come back with the normal karyotype result, I think docs will test you for the recurrent panel after 2 losses.

This completely and utterly sucks, I pray that things go well in your next pregnancy, I can so utterly get the terror of finding out another pregnancy has ended.




Hi, I’m so sorry for your losses. I have had a similiar situation (m/c at 9 weeks, but didn’t find out until week 12), and another one at 6 weeks. I saw a RE and was diagnosed with a luteal phase defect. After a few rounds of clomid/injections with IUI, I was not getting pregnant. It was strange because I got pregnant fairly easily. I started IVF, and got a BFP, only to have a threatened miscarriage …AGAIN. I suspect my IVF miscarriage may have something to do with the fact that I had ovarian hyperstimulation. However, perhaps you have a similiar issue as I do…maybe you also have a luteal phase defect, which causes you to have an unstable lining. I hope that helps, and I wish you all the best. Life can be extremely unfair.


I’m so sorry for your losses, we all know how you feel. :frowning:

Not knowing why your miscarrying has got to be so very frustrating! If your not getting answers from your RE, I’d switch if possible. I have heard of women getting unexplained IF answered by switching Drs.

Good luck ladies!


Hey I just wanted to see if the OP had posted anything and how she is doing…

Don’t give up woman!!



I am so sorry for your losses too. We just had our 3rd miscarriage in a row the day before Christmas Eve. It was absolutely devastating. I too am looking for answers. I’m wondering if there is a possibility that I am miscarrying because I’m using clomid? My heart goes out to you all.