Cannot post reply in thread


New to forum and I tried to post a reply to a thread and kept getting this error message. I was able to reply to a test message in the tech forum but not to a thread in the IVF forum. Help please?

An unexpected error was returned: ’ Database error in vBulletin 5.0.4: [Showing truncated query, original length: 2738276] [First 500 chars] Invalid SQL: DELETE FROM cache WHERE cacheid IN (‘vBUserRep_201100’,‘vBUserRep_201564’,‘node_37_lv l1data’,‘node_37_lvl3data’,‘vBAtchmnts_37’,‘vB_Use rFollowActivities_2002015f025cc6c83f173d876a484426 f3f2c6’,‘vB_UserFollowActivities_200201630ecd5bcd2 16e658dcb9ec683374789’,‘vB_UserFollowActivities_20 0201dcca48101505dd86b703689a604fe3c4’,‘vbnodetext1 00049_12_0:e38af25796de1237119d539f36b5d806’,‘vbno detext1001893_12_0:e38af25796de1237119d539f36b5d80 6’,‘vbnodetext1001945_12_0:e38af25796de1237119d5 [Last 500 chars] 119d539f36b5d806’,‘vbnodetext68492_12_1:b040645162 943ba552d5d8e3948fc052’,‘vbnodetext_pre_68492_12_0 :b040645162943ba552d5d8e3948fc052’,‘vbnodetext_pre _68492_12_0:e38af25796de1237119d539f36b5d806’,‘vbn odetext_pre_68492_12_1:b040645162943ba552d5d8e3948 fc052’,‘b191a9afdd206955d9b15e5b891850bf’,‘c807df5 d106ad8730a77aac294d30c21’,‘feb6ae4d409ecc685b4467 36eed35ce3’,‘vBUserRep_201564’,'vB_UserPerms201564 ',‘vbSigPerm_201564’,‘vbSig_201564’,‘vb_UserWPerms _201564_0’,‘vb_UserWPerms_201564_1’) /cache/; MySQL Error : MySQL server has gone away Error Number : 2006 Request Date : Friday, August 16th 2013 @ 08:09:48 PM Error Date : Friday, August 16th 2013 @ 08:09:51 PM Script : http:///create-content/text/ Referrer :…2?goto=newpost IP Address : Username : ptslm7 Classname : vB_Database_MySQLi MySQL Version : ’



The same thing is happening to me…If there is an administrator out there I’d appreciate help. I am getting the exact same response as you there above!


Same thing here!


Hope they can fix it soon!


me too. please fix it.


Same happened to me several times. Also while posting new posts. Let’s see if this one gets posted.


I’ll get tech on it right away!


I’m having the same problem when I post a reply. It says error message. Empty response or something


Are we any closer to getting this issue resolved? I am still unable to reply in numerous threads.


it’s still happening - now it’s saying Empty Response


I can’t comment on other’s posts it says Error #500 or when I attempt to post reply within the thread this is the message that comes up:Error while saving content: server abort


Just spent forever trying to post a simple response to a thread! Frustrating! May have to abandon ship after being on here since 2010! And I am a patient person normally! Empty message response and error message.


Same issues happened to me


I still haven’t received a response since my post nearly 5 hours ago, I even sent an email message to the administrator. Its odd though because I can reply to random threads like this one, but not ones that i’m subscribed too, which is especially annoying since I want to reconnect with the ladies I’ve been chatting with prior to the website being down!


this is ridiculous!i’ve been trying to post since yesterday with zero luck.maybe this message will post


are you kidding me?I can post here but not in the forums.This is weird.


Me too!We are in the same group (August cycling) and I have been trying to tell M&M congrats for the past few days and still zero luck.This is aggravating me.


Still not fixed- extremely frustrating!


I am so frustrated! I have tried posting in my favorite thread and all I get is the empty response message! I’m actually posting A LOT of data! Today, I found one post had been attached to someone’s comment, but I still can’t post on my own!


me too need some feedback on my day 4 stats…