Cannot post to Forums


I’m sure you are working on it just wanted you to know it is still and issue…good news is everyone really really wants to be on the site :slight_smile:


Apparently this is an issue for everyone on all established threads because there are no new posts on any threads I follow since 8/16 or maybe early in the morning of 8/17. I am sure you’re working on this and will EVENTUALLY get all he bugs out, but I must say this is the clunkiest, most ill-conceived forum upgrade I’ve ever experienced. And given the nature of this forum, it is especially frustrating. You might do better to explain why this was all necessary. I’ve seen the word security tossed around. Is that the issue? Otherwise, the forum worked very well and certainly didn’t need a major overhaul. Presumably tweaks to improve the system would not have been so disruptive. Once this gets back online, I’m joining the facebook group someone on my main thread started so I don’t have to go through his again. Massive fail!!!


I agree with kathe1969 - I really do not know what was wrong with the old forum. We come here for information, not aesthetics. I lost access to the site on Wednesday last week and have been dislocated from the women I was cycling with. Especially hard seeing as I’ve just gone through a chemical pregnancy. Can you please just let us know if the site will be up and running properly anytime soon? If not, that’s okay. We can just move to another forum.


I agree. The forums were fine the way they were. Not sure why this was necessary but I am frustrated enough with trying to find my groups that I have just about given up and will be looking for a different forum.


I use windows 8 OS on a touch screen laptop and the old forums did not work correctly on my OS. I could only post by quoting others then deleting their quotes and could never use any of the “extras”. So, I think that the upgrades were needed. Its too bad the engineers are struggling so much with this.


just wanted to add that I can’t post in the threads that I am following either. Not sure why it would work here???