Cap on # of tries


Just curious what others have used as their cut off when considering how many tries at EA you’re willing to take.

I know this may depend on what other options you have or are willing to pursue. In our case, it’s pretty much EA or nothing at this point. We are tired of trying and we’re ready for this current batch to be our last attempt.


Well, this is going to vary wildly depending on alot of factors, but for us, having 2 children already, and being limited financially in how much we could afford, 2 was our absolute limit!!
I started out thinking that we had 1 try at it as we simply didnt have a lot of money to throw at it. But since we found a cost effective clinic, we couldve done another attempt if the first one had failed. After 2 attempts, i think we wouldve perhaps started the process for adopting thru the foster care system. OR- just been done.

If we were childless and not open to adoption…then it would be a different story, but I cant speculate on how many attempts we wouldve tried because we werent in that situation.

I can certainly understand your wanting to be “Done” with it and just get pregnant already!!! I really am :pray: that this time is the last time!!


Number of tries

For us, EA is our last shot. We have had 1 failed round of IVF with our eggs/sperm. One canceled IVF due to lack of response. We then turned to EA and have had one failed FET. We are just started to get ready for another try at EA. Hopefully the transfer will happen around mid March depending on the donor. I’m hopeful of course. How can one do this and not have hope? But, I don’t know how much more medicine and pain I can take. Oh, I’m also seeing an acupuncturist once a week. I guess I just don’t really have a hard defined line. We have 3 tries with this program and the March try is #2. I guess if we fail on #3, it would be game over. Then time for a trip to Italy. Sorry for the rambly answer.

Wishing all of us luck with :babydust:


We didn’t use EA so I cannot really add to that, but we read that on average it takes 2.5 IVF/FET for a couple to have a successful pregnancy so we figured we would do two IVF’s and hopefully have embryo’s for a FET too. That was our threshold just due to our age and the cost. I think you just have to decide what you feel comfortable with and what works best given your individual situation.

Good Luck! :flower:
:cross: and :babydust:


Thanks for the feedback. Our first two failed FETs were with the same batch, so we are trying again with a different batch. There are several differences between the batches that may lead to success, the main one being that our current donors had a successful live birth from this batch on their first try. The second aspect is that they used a GS, which reassures me that their IF was not gamete-related. We had four blasts last time, 4 blasts this time.

If this batch doesn’t work, I’m wavering between throwing in the towel and accepting life as a family of 2, or going with an EA program that used double donors. But hopefully we won’t need to worry about that :cross::babydust::bsv:


Hey there, anilorak13ska! Just noticed from your signature that you are doing pretty much the same routine as I am - got my embryos shipped 1/14 and had a saline sono hysterogram on valentine’s day :slight_smile: and I am ready for a transfer in March (Hopefully, if lining is good etc.)

You may want to come check out the March FET thread if you haven’t seen it yet:

It’s a group of ladies all doing a March FET.


Thanks, SillyToni. I think I might just do that :slight_smile: