Carriers for cystic fibrosis gene


I was wondering if there is anyone out there who has become pregnant naturally or with an IUI and also been a carrier for one of the many variants of the cystic fibrosis gene?

The reason I ask, is because a female with cystic fibrosis has fertility issues related to mucus production and inability for the sperm to reach the egg. I am wondering if a single gene (carrier) may also have those same issues even if they don’t have full blown disease.

I know that some carriers are diagnosed with atypical cystic fibrosis as adults which is a “mild” form of cystic fibrosis. Their lifespans are not shortened as is seen with homozygous patients (a gene from each parent). But I wonder if the fertility issues exist?

The prevalence for carriers is very high for Caucasian Americans. Somewhere around the range of 1 in 30. Given that, could a lot of women have fertility issues related to this?

I just found out that I am a carrier and I have had 8 failed IUIs and was never pregnant naturally. I got pregnant with my first IVF but it resulted in a miscarriage. But this was likely due to my age. Otherwise, my fertilization rate was awesome as was my egg quality.

Thanks for any insight or information.:flower:


I know I am a carrier of the gene, but for me it hasn’t affected my fertility. I do IUI’s because my DH had a vasectomy before we met, but luckily I’m pretty fertile. I’m pretty sure if a gene is recessive than it can’t actively affect your body…but I’m no scientist!

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My best friend is a carrier, and she hasn’t had any fertility issues. She has 3 wonderful children that took her no more than 6 months to get a BFP with on each.