Casting Inspirational Documentary Series!


Hey all- just wanted to share this project I’m trying to develop again with everyone in hopes that if anyone is interested in sharing their story, or helping raise awareness of this documentary project, the info’s all here to reach me directly! Hoping to bring awareness, education and inspiration and any help anyone can offer, would be truly appreciated! Thank you so much for taking the time to read this and passing this along!

CASTING FOR A NEW DOCUMENTARY SERIES- Are you turning to friends or family to help you become parents or have the child and family you’ve dreamed of? The executive producers of Teen Mom and 16&Pregnant are currently casting now looking for inspirational stories of family and friends helping other family/friends become parents via identified donor-ship for a hopeful, new documentary series!

Whether a sister or relative or friend donating an egg to a sister/relative/friend, any couple or individual turning to family/friends for surrogacy-or if you, yourself are the one donating or becoming a surrogate to help someone you know and/or love— no matter what the situation or the path you’ve chosen, if you’re considering or have decided to have a child with the help of identified donorship- we would love to hear from you!

To get more details or share your story, please contact Kirsten at [email protected]. Thank you so much!


How about this situation?

I’ve been asked from a co-worker who really wanna have the baby exactly the same as mine. She requested my eggs for that plan. However, my family didn’t agree because of the reasons as follows:

  1. legally issue

  2. emotional issue

  3. related issues in the future (if applicable)

Have you ever concerned anything like this before?
Many thanks for any feedback,