Casting Inspirational Stories of Identified Donor-ship


Hi everyone- Sharing this in hopes that everyone can help spread the word, so that we can help spread the word and hope!
CASTING FOR DOCUMENTARY SERIES- Are you turning to friends or family to help you become parents or have the child and family you’ve dreamed of? The executive producers of Teen Mom and 16&Pregnant are currently casting now looking for inspirational stories of family and friends helping other family/friends become parents via identified donor-ship! Whether a sister or relative or friend donating an egg to a sister/relative/friend, a couple turning to family/friends for surrogacy- no matter what the situation or the path you’ve chosen, if you’re considering or have decided to have a child with the help of identified donorship- we would love to hear from you! To get more details or share your story, please contact Kirsten at [email protected]. Thank you so much!