Cause of Recurrent Pregnancy Loss?


[FONT=Times]I had 2 healthy children and then 5 miscarriages of 6 children. I’ve started the IVF journey to preserve whatever fertility I have left (I have already been diagnosed with diminished ovarian reserve) while we search for answers. One interesting thing we’ve noted is that all my cycles have low fertilization rate, but everything that fertilizes makes it to the blastocyst stage. For instance:

Cycle 1: 9 eggs retrieved, 6 were mature, 3 fertilized, 3 high quality blasts
Cycle 2: 10 eggs retrieved, 8 were mature, 4 fertilized, 4 high quality blasts

These were all freeze all cycles. I wonder if I don’t just make high quality embryos even of the chromosomally abnormal ones and then they fail. Any ideas?

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