Causes of infertility


hey there! I hope you are doing great. there are alot of causes for infertility. women are accountable for 20% of infertility and 20% men and the 60% other reasons. reasons like external environmental factors. PCOS is a big reason , having blocked tubes etc. for women and couples like this , there is an option for surrogacy and IVF. surrogacy is a great option for women struggling with infertility.


Congrats with your surrogacy success!! May all of you be healthy and happy in your new family!!
I’ve shared this on another thread already. Thought I have to post here. I’ve got loads of things to share about surrogacy process in Ukaine. 'Cause we’ve been through treatments there and are currently back for a sibling!! So here we go I absolutely love the idea of coming for surrogacy to this very country. Firstly, because it’s surrogacy friendly law. The baby is considered to be yours from the moment of conception. The surrogate cannot stand any rights. She has no right to keep the baby after delivery which makes couples absolutely safe. The birth certificate is issues with the names of the intended parents, so the baby’s theirs. Eveything’s simple when being guided with professionals in this field. I know for sure our biotex helps the IP with obtaining the birth certificate and other legal services. Friends of mine had a trouble when being at the exit process. She had a single letter differed in their marriage certificate which caused them a huge trouble. But biotex helped them through and soon they could take their baby girl home. Surrogacy may be the blessing for many people. But in Ukraine surrogacy is allow for heterosexual married couples only.
surrogacy process goes on like this.
Initial consultation. It usually contains the following activities: A set of tests depending on the program (fasting is mandatory). Consultation with a fertility specialist who will be in charge of your program (in case of stimulation you will need to have the transvaginal ultrasound check done). Consultation with a manager who will guide you through the program step by step. Signing of contracts. Before any initial consultation you will receive the Guidelines for the Initial Consultation – failure to follow these recommendations may affect the initial consultation in a negative way.
Search & confirmation of a surrogate mother, matching process. Waiting time depends on the type of contact.
Stimulation & synchronisation stage (about 2 weeks). The cycle of egg donor or the biological mother is synchronised with the cycle of a surrogate mother. According to your contract you have to follow all doctors instruction. In case of self-treatment or violation of the treatment protocol, the clinic may cancel the cycle and terminate the contract.
Fertilization day, embryo transfer - the 2nd visit. In case the biological mother undergoes hormonal stimulation and is being prepared for egg retrieval, the second visit may take up to 10 days. If we are talking about surrogacy using own eggs it is not recommended to leave the same day. Flying the following day is fine.The rules for sperm donation are similar as for the initial consultation – a man needs to abstain from ejaculation from 3 to 5 days before. After fertilisation the embryo development is monitored by embryology unit. The embryo transfer takes place on the 5th day. You will receive the protocol of embryo cultivation and transfer within 3 working days after the embryo transfer.
HCG test, pregnancy confirmation.
Pregnancy monitoring. Delivery.
Obtaining of the birth certificate for the baby (up to 1 week).
For more information you may visit or People are telling their incredible stories about surrogacy at bio tex com.
Hope this helps those looking for more insight .


IVF is a highly sophisticated and meticulously timed procedure. It involves removing a ripened egg or eggs from the female’s ovary. Fertilizing it with semen. Incubating the dividing cells in a laboratory dish. Finally, replacing the developing embryo in the uterus at the appropriate time.
The success and availability of IVF has raised the hopes of many infertile couples (Who have not been able to conceive because of infertility associated with not only blocked or absent fallopian tubes but also male infertility and many other causes!)
Time ago I was diagnosed on pcos & blocked fallopian tubes. AMH test results came in lest then 3,2. Tried accupuncture along with IVF shots but got no actual results. IVF#1 9/15 & IVF#2 12/15- both failed. Our dr suggested pgd as suspected me to be the carrier of a very rare disease. Another shot brought no luck. We both took a really long break for emotional recovery. Once a friend of mine went for surrogacy in Ukraine. She shared her positive experience with the clinic. We thought we could give it another try, using donor egg. It took us 2 shots DE IVF to conceive our adorable daughter. Whatever the reason for infertility is, DON’T GIVE UP!! There are plenty of options nowadays which can help!