Hello Ladies…

Anyone else using the CBFM? Success stories? This is my second month using the monitor… :bfn: last month. I’m anxious to get a peak reading!! I’m only on day 7 and hoping the monitor asks for sticks soon. Last month… I didnt get a peak reading until day 15 :(. When will it start asking for sticks this month ?

Any input would be great!



Hi Annette!..am too using the CBFM…This is my 2nd month of using it. I started feeding the test sticks on CD6. Got low readings on CD 6 thru1 10, then HIGH readings on CD 11 until now CD 22( THIS IS CRAZY:af: …I also have been using the Clearblue Easy Digital Ovulation Test since CD 6 to back up the CBEFM. I finally got a smiley face on CD 21, I’m sooo excited…:pray: that we both get:preg: this cycle!..


Annette, your CBEFM will start asking you for testing stick on CD 9.


Hello Nikki’sMommy!!

You were right… it started asking on day 9… i’m now on day 13 with two days of high readings… hoping to get the peak reading sooner than I did last month. I got a peak reading on day 15-16… was concerned that I was ovulating late in my cycle considering I got a visit from AF only 10 days after possible ovulation.

I plan on monitoring my cycles for the next two months… then off to see my doc. I know she’s going to say it’s too soon since i’ve only been trying for about 6 months. We’ll see!!

Fingers crossed for you!! Keep me posted!! I hope to be in the 2ww soon!! :slight_smile: