CCRM Girls!!!


I thought I’d start a new thread for anyone going to CCRM or thinking of it. Let’s track each others cycles and cheer each other on!

I am leaving in 10 days to CCRM for my 4th Fresh cycle.

Anyone else want to share the journey?

I’ll subscribe to this thread and hopefully hear from others soon!

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Here’s to hoping that :af: shows up on time for you!

excited?? more like jaded is what I call it (just kidding!!) It seems too far to even think about transfer w/cgh and all, you know… I am just trying to remain calm:-)


Vinita, I am excited. i think this is the inevitable round down which my family exists. don’t you have a signature so i can see your details too!? Welcome!


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There’s your signature! Do you already have all of your appointments set up and travel planned? I am waitin on AF to make any real reservations. DH will handle all of that for me. How about you?

I have to look into some fun activities while I am there. We did some fun stuff last time (Pikes Peak cog railway; red rocks amphitheatre; botanical gardens; garden of the gods). There are some hikes I’d like to do but winter isn’t a good time. Any plans for you guys?

Will DH go with you the whole time?



My appts. at CCRM and here are set. DH will join me early following week. I’ll be on my own until then. I, too, must find something to keep myself busy. Places you mentioned sound nice. well, If everything else fails I’ll just enjoy myself w/some good food;-) I already have few places in mind :slight_smile:

what protocol are you on? I know sig says estro. priming…but what stim meds? does that mean you don’t do supression? flying out of o’hare/midway? I booked thru Travelocity.

also, since you have done this before w/CCRM, what did GC consult consist of this time? 1st part during w/u was more about CGH/microarray etc. sorry too many Q’s.



Oooh! What restaurants did you pick out? I am a big foodie. Anyone in Chicagoland likes their food and are used to good restaurants. How did you choose the restaurants? Recommendations? Tripadvisor?

I am doing a strange protocol reserved for special poor responders. 10 days after LH surge I start estrogen priming (today!), next day start ganirelix (yes, ganirelix. weird huh?) for 3 days. The ganirelix acts like microdose lupron for small suppression but since i can’t take birth control since even that would oversuppress me, he’s using ganirelix to try to stop certain follies from jumping ahead and leaving the other follies to far behind for retrieval.

Once I get AF and then start Menopur/Follistim and at the end of stims add ganirelix again like an antagonist protocol. So… I hope that wasn’t too much info.

I don’t know where we’ll fly out of. We flew from midway last time but until AF, I won’t book a flight.

The Genetic Counselor explained the microarray process and CGH process in detail and answered any questions. I think it is a way to make money more than anything else. THe lady was super nice and well educated on her subject though.



Hi Ladies,

I am from Ohio, and I have my first conference call with Dr. S tomorrow. It is great to see someone else further into the process than myself. I am still feeling the horrible effects of a very recent failed IVF, and I am having a hard time gearing up for the torture again. Last week I had a lap for endo and D&C to help with build up. I had a bad reaction to drugs, and still feel like someone sucked the life out of me. Hearing your story really gave me some excitment. Please keep us informed so we can follow.


HI Schu, are you having a phone consult? Meaning you haven’t gone out there for a one-day workup? I can share how my phone call went if you are curious. I also have endo and hypothyroid. Welcome! :welcome:


Yes, I am having a phone consult. I would love to know what to expect?


Here is my blog entry from that meeting. In the end we did a different protocol. The Making of a Family: Third 2nd Opinion



oh…i had all these places with links and it logged me out:-(

so here are the places so far I have in mind. I am trying to keep our budget on this trip. DH is a big foodie, too and after all these years with him I am joining his ranks.

Le Central : Welcome to Le Central, the affordable French Restaurant[/URL] Parisi : [URL=“”]P A R I S I Wahoo’s Taco ( for fish taco, love it)
Hacienda: Hacienda Colorado also, heard that castle cafe has good fried chicken. I am still on a look out for good italian. anyone? do you have any recommendations? 1st 2 places were on $40 a day, too.

Good luck with the cyst drain tommrrow.

Hi schumachm, Good luck with your consult!



Thanks mamasoon, I love the link. I am seeing a different doc only because I was interested in qualifying for A study so I hope he is as good. I already had surgery so I hope I did not hurt the reserve. I will let you know how it goes.

Thanks vin for the food ideas. I love to eat.

Good luck.


Shum, i think all the docs there rock. i’ve never heard anything bad about any of them. they share their findings, they trade off on who does your retrieval AND they share the excellent lab. So you can’t go wrong.

Vinita, here is the italian place we want: Osteria Marco, Denver - Restaurant Reviews - TripAdvisor what do you think? I think the mussels from LeCentral sound good! :slight_smile:


Wanted to drop in and wish all you gals the best at CCRM!


Hi Kelly love!



I lived in Denevr and here is one of may favourites in Denver: Crepes & Crepes. Small & cozy French cafe in Cherry Creek:
Denver: Crepes & Crepes - Traveler Reviews - Great little French Cafe - TripAdvisor

As for Italian I recommend Maggiano’s. I used to work on the 16th street and went there pretty often for lunch. Loved it!
Maggiano’s Little Italy, Denver - Restaurant Reviews - TripAdvisor


Hi, again, Ladies,

I am getting ready to fly to Denver today after work… Did not sleep well this night.
Wish me luck.


Aliona, thanks for the links! Good luck and travel safely!