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Awesome lining, congrats!

Happy Birthday!


Happy Birthday! Crossing fingers and a little prayer for a great outcome!!


I am proceeding with my next cycle on my own. Out of curiosity though, since this was a big issue between my former partner and I, Do any of you know if CCRM works with Microsort samples? It is where the sperm is put in a centrifuge and the X and Y separated to increase your chances of a particular gender. I know that if you undergo CCS they do not go gender selection. My former partner was persistent in doing Microsoft cycle in Mexico (since it is not FDA approved in the USA) and submitting that sample since he wanted to increase chances of a girl due to some hereditary - though not life-threatening, traits. I never asked CCRM - out of fear that they thought I was crazy but now, I am curious. I have read from prior posts that CCRM did work with Microsort samples but this was before they lost FDA approval. Does anyone know?


Sounds like you are off to a great start! Congrats and happy birthday. I am excited for you.

PIO - as you go, if you find any hints on making that shot easier, please share!


Apparently, new email are lost due to some upgrade in the server? It is happening to a lot of people. I always download all attachments and save them locally. Good thing, too, since my order for blood work was due a few days ago and lost on the email server. They will probably be able to retrieve the temporarily missing email, but in the meantime, I recommend everyone save attachments locally just in case.


Congrats on your update and happy birthday! Love hearing good news from my fellow DS ladies. Good luck on the 6th!


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Happy birthday Kathe1969. Glad things are going well - fingers crossed for you.
ColoradoKat : I took PIO for 2 wk and was getting numb bum. I think the sesame oil is supposed to be thinner than the alternative. I warmed it up at body temp for about 5 minutes beforehand and then used a heating pad on my butt afterwards to help dissipate the oil. That seemed to help…the warming to body temp probably helped most! Good luck!
Yellowaster: how are things with you? Have you made any decisions going forward? I hope you are okay.
AzooinCT and need babe: congratulations. Hope you are feeling well and not too nauseous! LOL

Sorry I’m behind in personals, since the site got revamped, it’s so difficult and slow. I tried the FB link a few weeks back but FB said it wasn’t up.

AFM: 3 embryos made it to testing and 2 were abnormal. #3 (grade 3BD) is indeterminate (basically not enough DNA to do the test, apparently happens 10%) Dr. S sounds like he wants me to retest it which means freezing it again…the 3 that got tested were from my first batch which means this will be the 3rd freeze and thaw. He said the chance of pregnancy with 3 freezes was still 65% but I feel like there must be some downside to recurrent freezing. I wonder if CCRM will let me transfer this embryo and a donor embryo?
I’ll probably do the E-tegrin biopsy this month while we are waiting although it seems like our problem is abnormal embryos.

Kathe1969 - can you PM me re: info for donor embryos? I can’t seem to PM people either =(


I’m sorry you didn’t get better CCS results, but at least you got a clearer picture of what is going on. I know that CCRM will transfer no result embryos, but I can understand if you’d be unwilling to do that. Did you ask what your chances of a BFP with your one embryo would be if it is normal? I ask because mine is 4BC and Dr G said the lower quality meant I had lower chances (35-40% instead of the usual 50% with a CCS normal). That is something you might want to factor into your decision making process. You can check with CCRM about doing a transfer with both, I know some other places will let you do that. I can’t PM either, so I’m going to give you some info here along with a few other places to look.

Here’s the info I have on CCRM’s donor embryo program: The donated embryo program is a flat fee of $10,000. This is not billed to insurance and they do not break the cost apart. Medications are paid directly to your pharmacy and range from $800-$2000 depending on the medications prescribed. Your doctor will let you know if you have any additional testing that needs to be done prior to transfer, which is not included in the $10,000 flat fee. I was told the success rate was between 65-85% depending on factors like age of the donor.

Other places have cheaper options, although many require you to do the transfer at their clinic. There are some embryo adoption programs, but those require a homestudy, which drives up the cost and time it takes. Snowflakes is the largest of these programs. Some people find a person/couple willing to donate through online forums or a site like Miracles Waiting (for the latter you must pay to see listings and post). There is lots of useful info on donor embryos and programs/clinics that have embryos available without a long waiting list on babycenter ( The best success rates are with double donor programs, since donors are young and healthy. The one I’m looking into as Plan B is California Conceptions. They offer a guarantee program (3 tries for 12,500). If you don’t meet the guidelines for the guarantee, you still get 3 tries for the same price.

Good luck with whatever route you ultimately decide to take!


Should I go for a third cycle to bank more embryos before CCS?

I am hoping that perhaps those of you that are 42 can give me some input. I am 42 and 3 months and just finished my first IVF cycle at CCRM last month and got 8 embryos day 2pn which were frozen and banked. (12 eggs retrieved, 8 embryos made it to day 2). I am now getting ready to start my second cycle next week. My plan was to combine the embryos from this cycle with those from cycle 1 and do CCS. I am considering banking again this cycle and proceeding with a third cycle (my last with my own eggs) and then do CCS. My reasoning is that during my first two IVF cycles (at a different facility in another state), I had similar results (8 embryos) but none made it past day 3, and the transfers were a BFN.

I have read different statistics for women over 42. My doctor thinks that I will likely have 4 embryos to test from the first batch and hopes that maybe 2 of those are normal. I have read in other posts that for my age, out of 10 embryos to test only 1 may be normal. So, given my time frame, I am trying to decide what is best.

I know several ladies here have dealt with the same issue and would love to get their input. I am paying for this all of out pocket and since the CCS fee is for 10 embryos (due to my history) I might be better off doing a third cycle and paying the CCS fee once. On the other hand, if the problem is my eggs, then I may be better off knowing know than after a third cycle.


My ODWU is officially scheduled for September 27th. I’ll be going there on my own. I’ll be flying in on Thursday and flying out on Sarurday. I’m looking for any and all suggestions as I start making my plans. Airport, hotels, etc. I’m doing my testing at the Lone Tree location if that makes a difference. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


I just turned 44, but I started this process at 42 and have those stats. That’s a hard decision and depends on many things. If money isn’t a huge concern and you want to get an idea about your egg quality, you could always do your second cycle and then test and see if you want to do another once your results come in. The results take 2 weeks or less, so it wouldn’t add that much time to go that route. Then again, this is a numbers game, so maybe you just need enough embryos to work with to find 1-2 normals. But it isn’t true that at 42 you can only expect 1/10 to be chromosomally normal. Of course it depends on the woman, and on the cycle, but in my genetics counseling, they said at age 41-42 they see c. 28% normal. That would seem to contradict what your Dr said too, unless they are seeing much better results now. I did my counseling back in Oct. Did you meet with a genetics counselor when you were there for your first cycle with CCRM? You could always contact the counselor you spoke with if so to get more answers about the results they are seeing now. Hopefully others can chime in with advice.


Great lining! Congrats! I’m so excited it’s finally happening for you! Happy Birthday!


I’ll throw out some suggestions. I’m sure others will have more advice for you. I’d say look through this thread, but with the recent changes to this site, you can’t easily search anymore. Airport: there is only one, Denver International (DEN). Airlines: Southwest, you can change your flight without paying a penalty (needing to make last minute travel changes is common). Hotels: I stayed at Hyatt House Denver Tech and really like it. Lately lots of women posting here seem to be staying at Staybridge Suites (I assume the one in Park Meadows, which is closest). The Element is also popular. Staybridge is the cheapest of those options. Make sure to check the price with the CCRM discounts, but sometimes it is less expensive to get a different rate (e.g., AAA, the hotel’s special rate). If you’re planning on renting a car, shop around. If you’re just staying for a short visit, a car might not be necessary. The hotels offer shuttles to CCRM and nearby restaurants and such and you can get SuperShuttle from the airport.


It’s so nice to finally see you on here Canuck70! I’ve been thinking about you wondering how you are doing. I actually love the idea of transferring your own with donor eggs also. We might consider that here soon if we don’t get enough pn’s next cycle. So please keep us updated on whether we can do this or not.

Kathe1969 thank you for all that information. I thought the cost was much higher so this is reassuring…or am I missing something? $10k + meds for a full cycle transfer isn’t bad.


Quick question first…what is your amh? I think we are in similar situations.


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Thanks kathe1969- i was hoping you would respond since you know so much about this process. Money is not an issue for one more cycle (i figure it would be $13k plus 6k for meds) if it saves me precious time. I do recall the statistics from the genetics class i just got confused by reading other posts in other boards. I agree with everytthing you said so will likely proceed to ccs this go around. I figure if i get another 8 fertilized at day 2 this cycle, considering that the lab is far better than my previous clinic, i am inclined to believe my dr. That hopefully i should have around 8 blasts to test from the total 16 banked.

Hrtttc2- thanks for responding, i dont recall my amh level but i do remember being shocked that the ccrm number was lower perhaps .7. I was just a tad below the normal range. I was shocked because my level was much higher in september 2012 when i did my ivf #1 and lowered by april 2013 when i did ivf 3 at ccrm.

As for the sperm, i hope you all dont judge me. I know this is a sounding board for some of us. My partner and i decided to pursue this cycle together after ccrm agreed to accepting the microsort sample. So basically he is going to mexico next week to have the sample made and the clinic will ship it to denver. His issue with the gender has been a huge problem for us. While i respect that he has several family traits he does not want to pass to a son, it is difficult to deal with. Rgardless, he is now at peace with having done everything he could to maximize the chances and if it does not work he would be thrilled with wHatever we have. Thankfully reality set in and he realized that a child is the most important goal.

Im still going by myself for several days out there so kathe i will be using you as inspiration to prick myself on my own. Im actually looking forward to the time alone. This process has been grueling


Hi lasthope, i didnt go on my own but even if i had i would not have done anything different. I stayed at the mariott intown suites at the denver tech center (it is on the list for ccrm). Dont be fooled by the advertised price, you need to call the hotel and ask then for the ccrm rate. Right now it i $69 per night for a studio with a queen bed, pull out couch, fully stocked kitchen, free wifi and business center, gym, laundry, etc. free breakfast. They have a shuttle that will take you to ccrm whenever you need it and anywhere else within a 5 mile radius. I believe though that the $69 rate may be for 7 nights or more. Regardless, i would call the hotels on the list directly and ask them because they had previously posted their rate for ccrm at $79. Anyway, the hotel was fantastic and super comfortable. It is also down the street from park meadow mall hich is beautiful with tons of shopping and restaurants (tokyo joe was my favorite to go place).

As for cars, when i went in april car rentals on where super cheap (think $12 day) when i went in july for retrieval RIDICULOUSLY expensive ($96 per day) we were able to rent one cheaper near the hotel. Now car prices back down so you cam rent one at the airport for a reasonable price. Fare from airport to hotel is about $65 so if car rental is cheaper you mY be better off renting one and enjoying the city and parks. It truly is a beautiful area. Good luck!


Thanks so much for doing this! I just emailed you with my info. I’m so annoyed with this site. Not only can I not send private messages, but I keep thinking I have one when really I only have notifications that someone responded to something I posted. If anyone know how to turn off these notifications, please share.


Oh I know! I wish I knew. I have a request out to tech support but nothing yet and it’s been a week.