CCRM Girls!!!


Good luck! I moved out my dates and will be out there on sept 11. Had no idea sbout the support group. Thanks for posting !


I would go to CCRM if the clinic doesn’t have good success rates.

I am shocked that Dr. Surrey said you may need donor eggs. He often suggest this, but said to me that would be my best shot (of course, wouldn’t DE be best for almost anyone cycling unless they are solely male factor). But, he never pushed me to do this. So, I would take what he said about DE with a grain of salt. You are young, you probably haven’t cycled at a clinic with a lab as good as CCRM (b/c no lab that I know of is as good as CCRM). I am not opposed to donor eggs, and was considering them myself, but based on your history, it just doesn’t seem to me that you need to go that route yet. I cycled with Surrey with an FSH of 18 when I was 32. He also cycled me at age 35 when my FSH was 32. He always suggested donor eggs, but never pushed me to do them. I had success with my FSH of 32 (and very poor quality eggs), so I would not be worried at all about an FSH of your level.


YelloAster - Thank you so much girl. Free is really seductive. The only thing that attracted me to the study is that they will also use a protocol I’ve never used before, I only done long luprons, and they will do a antagonist protocol. I was actually wondering how it will work for me, maybe that would help with selecting a protocol for me at CCRM if I dont get pregnant ? They are also willing to transfer 3 embryos… I am still thinking about it but I may do it because I am running out of days off this year. I just checked with my boss and I only have 5 days off left this year, that would not be enough for CCRM but would work for the NY clinic…

houston - were you successful at CCRM with your own eggs? My FSH used to be 7.something, now its 9, I also dont think its that high to talk about donor eggs. My RE here thinks we should use donor sperm!! Thats why we went to CCRM, to use IMSI to better select the sperm. Dr Surrey doesnt think my husband’s sperm is that bad and thinks DE would be the best shot for us. Talk about being confused!


I am having such a hard time posting here, not sure why its so slow. I’d like to join the FB page too! Can someone help me? Thanks!


Luckybabydust…I am in Denver for my first IVF with ccrm. I am a silent reader of this forum since 4 years and finally ready to take the plunge of my own. Still navigating the waters though.


Congrats on twins! Try not to worry about the bleeding. I spotted with my DD until I was 6-7 weeks.


Are you girls using your real life FB profiles or creating anonymous profiles to join the FB group? Just wondering how private we are keeping the info on FB…?!


good luck to you!!


Hi Friends, It’s been awhile since I posted, and the site format has changed since. Strange! I just started a new low-dose Stim cycle and fly out to CCRM Sept 11. I’m feeling stressed and tired, not a great way to start a cycle. Then again, I’ve done cycles all rested and happy and healthy, and those didn’t work out, so maybe it’s meaningless what state of mind one is in when beginning a cycle. I see a few of you will be out there next week- anyone have pans to meet? Good luck to you all!


Ok so I’m a mess today. Dr Su told me I might need to cancel my cycle because I have three follicles leading the pack at 17, 16, 15 with all the rest at 6-11 in size. Last time I was on protocol 3, I responded very well with 22 eggs retrieved although only 14 mature with 5 fertilized and 1 blast abnormal. Dr Su switched my protocol to 5 to try to get more eggs, which didn’t really make sense to me since I really just needed to stim for another day. Now on protocol 5, I’m not responding well at all. He wants to switch back to protocol 3 for my next IVF and said that I shouldn’t have changed things. But I didn’t change things and am just following his protocol. I’m annoyed and upset by it all. I had even asked my nurse earlier why I needed to change protocols and she didn’t have a good idea. Question- I’m not sure what my criteria should be to cancel. If I can get 10 eggs, I wonder if I should continue or just scrap it all and start over. I’m on day 9 of stims already. What criteria would you use to cancel? If I cancel, I may not return to CCRM for another cycle and just go local after this.


Hi Ladies,

I’m doing a FET w/ CCS testing given my history of recurrent pregnancy loss (3 consecutive mc’s). I’ve just received my calendar and haven’t been able to connect live with my nurse so I’m hoping you may help so I can book my flights this weekend. When your CCRM calendar tells you that on x date/6th day of stims. you should travel to Denver, does that mean you need to be in their office on the 6th day or that you should travel there on the 6th day and go to CCRM from the 7th day? I’m trying to figure out whether I can book an evening flight on the 6th day of stims or whether it should be a morning flight to make an appointment in their office on the same day. Thanks in advance for your help.


I’m nowhere near this yet, but I was always told I would have to be there for bloodwork and u/s on day 7, so I would assume you would be flying in the night of the 6th day.


I just used my real one. I’m pretty sure we all are.


Not sure if you’ve already joined, but you should email Hrttc2. She’s the one to contact. Here’s her email address: [email protected]


Hopingfor#3: when it has travel to Denver on your calendar, you can travel any time that day and don’t have any in-office monitoring that day. You go into CCRM the next morning for monitoring. BTW, I’d recommend getting a plane ticket on Southwest or getting a refundable ticket, since plans can change. If you haven’t started your calendar (esp if you’re diing primin first), you should be prepare in case you need to alter Your travel plans.


Great, thank you for the feedback! So, if we’re not meant to go in until day 7 then I can book an evening flight. I can now get my tickets and not wait for Monday. Yes, I plan to use Southwest for sure, particularly as nurse has said there is a “solid chance” I would have to stay a few days longer when there. The timing’s not great as I will now miss Halloween with my children but the alternative is too risky as it nears my daughter’s birthday. I feel guilty and sad about missing Halloween but am telling myself the end result will hopefully make this worth it.
Looks like I will be there from 10/29 until 11/4 or so. My husband will join me in the last few days so if anyone is there earlier (10/30 - 11/2) and would like to meet up, please let me know. I will definitely look into the Saturday support group at CCRM mentioned on the previous post as it would be nice to connect with others.


Luckybabydust - really sorry to hear about this - what a horrible and frustrating situation. How did your labs yesterday and u/s this morning turn out? Sending follicle-catch-up-vibes your way!


I’m so sorry you’re in this situation. I don’t think I would cancel the cycle unless Dr.Surrey thought you should. I’ve moved forward with both of my previous IVF cycles (before I was at CCRM) with 1 lead follicle way ahead and only about 3 or 4 other follicles following. They were able to retrieve 7 eggs both times-- got pregnant both times then miscarried. I can’t even imagine 22 or even 10 eggs…I’ll never have that many but I can see why you would be worried if you are someone who always gets that many. Point being, you just need to find that one golden egg and it may be in a group of 3 as opposed to a group of 22…just thoughts from someone who is always a “poor responder”…


The Dr. decided not to cancel, but push forward. I have 3 follicles at 19, but all the rest are 6-13 in size. Normally, I would be thrilled to have several follicles to pick from, but since only 1/14 mature eggs made it to blast and it was abnormal, I feel like I need at least 14 eggs to make 1 blast. My egg quality is very poor and I’m hoping that all the supplements and acupuncture help. Do you think that my protocol of 150 menopur and 450 follistim might hurt egg quality by overstimming them?


I have to agree - it’s meaningless what state of mind you are in. Don’t punish yourself further by worrying about it, that’s for sure! :slight_smile: