CCRM Girls!!!


Hi Lucille, I have the same issue and I have to do low dose gonadotropins as a Stim to grow my lining. Dr Surrey has me do 12-15 days of low dose Bravelle, it worked once in a mock cycle, now I’m going for it for real this and next week. You can try Vaginal Viagra, Vivelle patches, Delestrogen shots, vaginal estrace, etc. acupuncture, electroacupuncture (even better), Raspberry tea, Excercise (walking), and prescriptions/supplements (which can take months) such as Vitamin E, L-Arganine, Trental, and baby asprin. You’ve done it before, you can do it again :slight_smile: don’t give up hope


Hi Janetwise- yes, I did one IVF cycle with ORM, with Dr. Hesla. I had a lot of eggs (22?) but only 13 were mature, only 8 fertilized, only one made to blast- we PGD’d it and it was complex abnormal.

I worked with Dr Hesla. My numbs looked great, but in the end, my eggs were crappy. He said after my poor response, I should not try IVF with OE again, it would be a remote chance to find a normal. (I’m now 45). I’m doing DE now. I just want a baby, I completely embrace DE! However, I have issues with my lining, so I left ORM as Dr Hesla seems to have lost patience with me, telling me I had to do gestational carrier. I switched to CCRM, and Dr Surrey has been wonderful helping me to try and have success.

Hope you find the answers you need to decide what to do next. Good luck!


GingerB - thanks for the info. I am on estrace, patches, viagra plus accupuncture, aspirin…it feels like everything!
It’s been a long time prepping and frankly I am not hopeful that this will improve much. I would like to get to a 7 mm as this is where it was during the cycle and in my successful transfer…I have no illusions of anything better.
The low dose stims sounds promising - how thick did your lining get? Was it a natural start? I’ve never done a mock cycle…not a bad idea! Keep us updated.


I haven’t been posting here since the site went down and I switched to the FB group, but for anyone who was following my story (or will in the future), I had my FET on 9/6 and it was a BFN. This is the end of my CCRM girls days. It’s off to donor embryos, after a healing break, for me. I’m not one of the over 40 success stories, but I know they do happen.

Ginger: you’ve been on here at least as long as me and I’ve appreciated your comments. I admire your courage. I truly hope your next step brings you success. You deserve it!
EOE: Good luck!


LuvLMT- I sent you a private message, I hope you get it. I’d love to take you up on the Endometrim if possible! Let me know and thanks. I anticipate extra boxes of Bravelle in the near future for anyone who may need those. Its great that we can pass it on. Cheers!


Hi Lucille,
So far, I’ve only gotten my lining up to 7.5 mm, at best. Today it measured 5.7 mm trilaminar, so it’s slowly improving day by day. We think it will get to about a 7 in the next four days.

The reason we did a “mock” Stim cylce for me was, we needed to test and see if it would work. If it didn’t work, we wouldn’t have moved ahead with DE at all. One of my worst nightmares is spending the $ and creating little embies with no place to put them! The mock stim cycle did get my lining to 7.5 once, so we know it can work. If you already have frozen embies, you might as well just go for it, and if it goes well, they can thaw and proceed, but if its an off cycle, cancel and start another month. I found that with me, I helps to have a good withdrawal bleed before starting the next FET cycle. With me, I actually still have unexplained ammenorea (no period)- my hormones are excellent and I have lots of eggs (I have a count of 28 right now!) but no period, so I do major estrogen/progesterone for 28 days to bring on a period. Even then, it’s light.

You might want to ask about low-dose stims to increase your lining. It works for me. Good luck!


Hi Kathe1969- it’s great to see you on here. We are the old-timers! I miss seeing the usual girls on here. Either they have left due to the switchover, moved to FB, or have had success/failure and have moved on. I’m very sorry to hear about your last cycle. I am happy to hear you have new plans though! I’m doing DE and so happy about it. I feel like I want to tell the world, it’s so cool that science has this option for us, and I won’t love that child any less were it not my genetic material. It will be created and nurtured inside of me all the same…well mostly! Anyway private message me if you like so we can keep in touch, especially about DE or embryo. I wish you all the luck!


[QUOTE=ADL524;n2604157]anyone here from Chicago?
where do you get your monitoring done in the city?[/QUOTE]

Thank you!

Do you know if you’ll have any trouble getting weekend appointments?


wondering if there is more activity on the facebook page since this site changed?
if so, how do I join the FB group?


Hi GingerB-Thank you very much for the info. Our cases are very similar: good baseline #s but crappy day 5 embryos. I used the long lupron protocol(300 reduced to 150 Gonal-F, (150 reduced to 75 later) Menopur, Saizen), and triggered on day 8, which I think is a bit too early. I’ve researched a lot and some REs do say a longer stimulation period and slower might make the difference. Some REs say Menopur did harm to egg quality as it contains LH, etc.

Dr. Hesla did suggest me do another cycle, and said will lower my med dosage a bit. Don’t know what to expect now. BTW, I live in Chicago. Before I started with ORM, I did consult with Both Dr. Hesla and Dr. Schoolcraft and finally picked ORM as Dr. Hesla sounded very easygoing and caring for patients. Now I’m thinking whether I should have picked CCRM as they have much more 40 year old patients…

God luck with your transfer!!


Dear ladies:

I did 2 IVFs with the first one resulted chemical pregnancy and the second one only having a day6 5BA frozen. I’m 40 years old and now considering CCRM.

I have good baseline #s but the embryo was crappy. Does anyone here have a similar situation as mine while cycling at CCRM? I really need some encouragement here. For my 2nd cycle at ORM, I used the long lupron protocol and triggered at day 8. ER on day 10: 17 ER, 12 matured, 11 fertilized, but only 1 Day 6 5BA, and 1 4CC (discarded). I started from 300 Gonal-F+150Menopur+Saizen, and tapered down to 150G-F+75Menopur.

I understand women >40 years old have bad eggs, as every RE says. I researched a lot on the internet and some REs so say longer stimulation period will help and lower doses of LH/Menopur will help get better quality eggs/embryos. What do you ladies think?? Do you think Dr. Schoolcraft should have lots of experience with this, 40 year old with reasonable #s but bad embryos? What would be your protocols?

Thanks a lot ladies!!


CCRM has the best sucess rate for 40+ women in the country. Yes I do think it would be worth talking to any of the CCRM Drs. They are all great. Depending in your State or residence, you may get a free consult- or if you need to pay, it’s only like $125 (from what I remember). You can at least get a second opinion from the experts. Good luck!


Hi Janetwise- yes we do sound very similar, though I’m a few years older I think. I loved working with Dr Hesla,mans I loved that clinic too,everyone was so nice. Pulse it was a bonus to get to spend time in Portland! I’m on the East Coast so traveled too to ORM. In the end, I studied the national clinical success rates, and CCRM is a magnitude better in success for older women, so I reluctantly left ORM. I also loved that Dr Hesla was free with email, and communication is very important to me. It was fat to be able to ask him questions directly. It’s not that way at CCRM. But in the end, I’m convinced I made the right decision to move to CCRM. We only have so much time, $ and resources- so even though they are a bit more expensive (not that much than ORM)-- it’s worth not having two or three failed cycles with nothing to show for it. Read the SART data for yourself, and compare the two for IVF for women over 40. CCRM beats ORM big time. I feel like I’m trying to sell you on CCRM, and I’m not, just want to give you my rational for switching. ORM is excellent though, one of the best in the country. Good luck on your decision!


I’ve never met or talked with Scholcraft, I hear he is amazing, but does not have the bedside manner like Hesla. I happened to choose Surrey, and I’m very happy, he is very personable and easy-going, and everyone who works with him is very happy. Funny thing is, Helsa and Surrey were in the same class together and know each other well. I also had some surgery from Dr. March in California for adhesions- when I told him I was working with Hesla AND Surrey (I hadn’t made the full switch yet)-- he said he taught both of them at UCLA in the 1980s when they both in his class! (Small world). No matter who you work with, you will be in excellent hands. Good luck!


Yes, the FB group is very active. To join, PM hrttc2 with your FB info and she can add you. If you have trouble, PM me.


Yes, the FB group is very active. To join, PM hrttc2 with your FB info and she can add you. If you have trouble, PM me.


Yes, the FB group is very active. To join, PM hrttc2 with your FB info and she can add you. If you have trouble, PM me.


Yes, the FB group is very active. To join, PM hrttc2 with your FB info and she can add you. If you have trouble, PM me.


Yes, the FB group is very active. To join, PM hrttc2 with your FB info and she can add you. If you have trouble, PM me.


Kathy - I have been following your story. Wishing you a wonderful healing break and luck with donor embryos.