CCRM Girls!!!


Hi everyone,
still here ate CCRM, trying to complete a frozen/fresh DE transfer. We did DE with frozen eggs, fertilized them Saturday, and will do a day 5 transfer. Just got the call from the embryology lab, out of 14 eggs, 9 fertilized (3 are still maybes) and are zygotes, and 2 did not fertilize. We will know if the other 3 make it by day 3 (Tuesday) and hope for a day 5 transfer, this Thursday. My lining didn’t get above 6.2 mm, and after trying for almost 2 years now, it doesnt look like its ever going to get better than this. At least its trilaminar. CCRM said they are seeing more and more women with thin linings have perfect PGs, let’s hope I’m one of them. It’s a scarey prospect that we just put all of our eggs in one basket, literally and figuratively!

Good luck to you all. Any updates? It’s so sad this board has become so dead.


Hi Lucille,
Did you decide to go ahead with transfer? Wishing you luck!


[QUOTE=MamaSoon;n32102]I thought I’d start a new thread for anyone going to CCRM or thinking of it. Let’s track each others cycles and cheer each other on!

I am leaving in 10 days to CCRM for my 4th Fresh cycle.

Anyone else want to share the journey?

I’ll subscribe to this thread and hopefully hear from others soon!

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Hi, that’s a great idea! We are doing our phone consultation early next month, we’d love to join the group! see my siggi for detail of our journey (not a uplifting one I’m afraid:[…)


Hi Ginger,

Those numbers sound good so far…looking positive for a day 5 transfer. I think some women just have thin linings. In my successful transfer I got it to just below 7 with trilaminar and it was all good. Let us know the day 3 results.

My lining is still unchanged at 6 mm after adding viagra to my endless amounts of meds. They now want to add delestrogen shots! I’m not sure if it’s good idea. But since it was Saturday both my nurse and doctor were not in so I’m going to call tomorrow and see if I can get more answers. I would rather start over with a different protocol than keep adding estrogen which seems to have little effect…I started this protocol almost two months ago. It’s a little frustrating.

I agree the board has really changed…it used to be I couldn’t keep up with all the updates and now there’s very few.


Yes GinerB I agree, this whole website is now terrible, sometimes you can’t even post. The poor owner of this site, I actually wish she/he would just give up and just go back to the old format, I think people would come back if they do it sooner than later. Too bad about it all.
GingerB I sent you a PM, not sure if it will ever get to you though.
Kathe1969- I am so sorry for your bfn, I tried to give you some support on here during your 2WW but the site was funky. I wish you huge success with DE. You gave your last shot at OE everything you had and left no stone unturned so if I were you I’d would feel good that I gave it my all.
ADL524 Welcome back again. Much luck on your lining this time once again! I hope you get another bfp
httc- My PM to you will not go through, If you are on here please pm me your fb info perhaps?

Good luck to everyone else on here who still checks in.


Ginger - I’ve become a lurker this year (I’ve posted some on the over 40 site, which is also so dead), and everyone seems to have dropped off due to the horrendous changes to the site. Just wanted to wish you luck. I’ve followed your journey and everything you went through to get to this point. I’m thrilled that you will be doing a transfer this week. The phone call embryo updates are agonizing. At least, I found them to be. Hang in there. Wishing you a good number of solid blasts and a smooth transfer. I’ve got my fingers and toes crossed for you! Happy transfer day.


It is too time consuming and difficult to log in, especially from my phone. I am mostly on the FB page now.

GingerB - I wanted to send you all my positive energy for your upcoming transfer. I know how challenging the mock cycles have been for you. I think mid-6s and trilaminar is still very good. Dr. Sch has also said that he has had women with those numbers have normal pregnancies - hoping that you are one of them. With 9 fertilized, you should have enough blasts for 2-3 transfers as a back up plan.

Tortus - I don’t know where you are in the process, but I hope that you are doing well.


Gah! I am still trying to get on the FB group, but haven’t heard back from anyone via my PM request. Either they can’t get through to read their PMs or they aren’t coming back to check. Can you help? I would love to join.


Darn! I deleted my prior post while trying to edit it. Hrttc2 started a great facebook page for CCRM GIRLS. If anyone would like to join, please email me INCLUDiNG YOUR FORUM USERNAME at [email protected] and i will forward it to them to send you an invite. Many of us are over there now since it is much easier to navigate. It is a fantastic group so come on over!!! It is a private page too!


Hi MMFlorida, I just emailed you. Would love to join the FB group! Hope you are well!


Thanks so much Yellowaster! I really appreciate all your good thoughts and wishes. All we can do is work with what we have. At least we have some good embies to work with. As of day 3, we still have 9 “excellent” looking embies, that they said are all 6-8 cell today with little to no fragmentation. They said this was unusually good quality. We still don’t know which ones will make it to blasts - but so far so good. The waiting, the waiting, the waiting…

How are you? What are you up to? Are you planning an FET soon? I wish you all the luck! Are you going to join the FB page? If not, please keep in touch.


IKmisc- this site won’t let me reply to your comment. Frustrating! I wanted to thank you for your thoughtful post and well wishes. Hopefully we can all make it over to the FB page and keep in touch. How are you? Wishing you the best.


Thinking of you and hoping you get fantastic news on Thursday!


I e-mailed too! Thanks so much for offering to do that. Hope to see everyone on the other side! hee hee


CCRM september 2013
Others that are having egg retrieval and that are under stimulation with CCRM at this time?
I am from Europe and I am having egg retrieval soon.
Me: 40 years old. Spouse: 39 years old
I am now on day 7 with IVF stimulation with Gonal F and Menopur + Dexamethason + Cetrotide. It looks as it is going alright: 15 follicles today with ultrasound.
I had 4 misarriages the last year, concieved naturally. This is my first IVF, and i went straight to CCRM to do CCS, to avoid more miscarriages. I have one daughter born three years ago, concieved naturally, and I want her to have siblings.


Mommie, i think that this is the very first post that started this thread and not a new one.


Some people are having trouble with pm, sen me an email and i will pass it along. [email protected]


Welcome Maronb! I had an ET today. Good luck to you!


Welcome! Good luck with your transfer.


This site doesn’t really seem to be moving along these days.
I will have to consider the facebook page although I have never joined before and swore I wouldn’t!

Hope everyone is well.
My FET was cancelled after delaying for 3 weeks, and adding a ridiculous amount of estrogen…my lining just never really moved after 6 mm. I have a regroup next week and hopefully we can look at other protocols or options. It’s disappointing, but not unexpected. So tonight I take it easy with a glass of wine…