CCRM Girls!!!


Thank you! Good luck with your ET GingerB. Hope you will have a BFP !!


I am sorry to hear about your cancelled FET. It would be intresting to hear what the doctor is saying in the regroup. I am sure another protocol will help! Good luck!


Ginger, how did your transfer go? I was thinking of you! How many made it to blast and how many did you transfer? How was your bedrest? Glad you could be mobile over the weekend. Did you fly back home today? Wishing you a stress free 2WW!


Hi Maronb, I am also in Europe–Spain to be exact and expect to start cycle next month. Wondering where you are exactly and how you are finding it planning the trip from quite a distance like I am. (I sent this to you as a pvt. msg., too, but not sure if it worked or not. Sorry for the repetition!)


Hi everyone,
I just joined this site and am very new to IVF etc. I am currently taking the CCRM recommended supplement list and will start my 1st IVF cycle/CCS testing with my December period. I am 41.5 and have had 4 miscarriages (natural conceptions), all due to chromosomal abnormalities…egg quality/age. I am worried that at this point all of my eggs are bad or that I will have to spend money I don’t have doing many cycles. Does anyone have any advice on how to get through this successfully? Thank you.


[QUOTE=Tortus;n2608556]Yes GinerB I agree, this whole website is now terrible, sometimes you can’t even post. The poor owner of this site, I actually wish she/he would just give up and just go back to the old format, I think people would come back if they do it sooner than later. Too bad about it all.
GingerB I sent you a PM, not sure if it will ever get to you though.
Kathe1969- I am so sorry for your bfn, I tried to give you some support on here during your 2WW but the site was funky. I wish you huge success with DE. You gave your last shot at OE everything you had and left no stone unturned so if I were you I’d would feel good that I gave it my all.
ADL524 Welcome back again. Much luck on your lining this time once again! I hope you get another bfp
httc- My PM to you will not go through, If you are on here please pm me your fb info perhaps?

Good luck to everyone else on here who still checks in.

Tortus - thank you!
don’tknow if you’ll see this since this site is almost dry at this point. tried to join fb group but haven’t had success with that
i hope you’re doing well!


Is anyone still here? Like all of you, I find the changes to this site frustrating. They do make it hard to use. Even so, I miss this community. I am still on my CCRM journey … much longer than I had ever expected. You all have been so helpful in sharing information, telling your stories and providing support. Every step forward in each of your experiences has been helpful to read about. The words of encouragement that you sent to each person, were received by all of us. Facebook is not for me. I know far too much about their privacy policies and practices. If this forum isn’t usable, would you join a private Yahoo! Group?


Dear Lucille,
I’m sorry your FET had to be cancelled. Sometimes that’s the best way to go, though. How did your regroup go? When will you schedule your next?

Lucille, we’d love to see you on the FB page. I know a lot of women are concerned about privacy, I am completely. Please email me- I wil PM you my email We miss you Lucille! Cheers,


Hi IKmisc- we’ve probably caught up on FB since, but here’s the story: transfer went well on Sept 26-- transferred a 4BB and a 5BB. We took a few days to relax before flying home. Flew home Oct 1. I’ve been relaxing and doing home stuff for this week (not at work) so stress has been reduced. This is the first transfer for me so don’t know how I am suppose to be feeling, with all the PIO shots and endometrin…but I had either implantation bleeding or the Endometrim was making me spot a few days. It’s better today. I feel stuff in my uterus, a little cramps, full, strange. I though maybe I still had swollen ovaries from the IVF, but it lingers. Nothing bad, just, different. Feeling bloated too, and also my breasts never get tender but they were last night when I laid on my stomach for my DH to do my PIO shot. Took a HPT test this morning (8dp5dt) and it said “pregnant.” Mu HCG beta is tomorrow. I’m a worry wart-- what if it were a false positive? I also had thin lining, just a 6.3 trilaminar last time they measured. It’s possible it grew in the two days before…anyway, that’s where I’m at! Thanksnfornasking!


Hi Maronb,

Good luck with your cycle! May I ask what dosage are you using for GonalF and Menopur? I am the same age as you and also look to get sibling for my 4-year old daughter. I started with 300GonalF+150Menopur in my last cycle at ORM but resulted in very poor embryos.



I just send you a message about the group. If you don’t receive it please let me know via pm


I will send you a pm message with the info


Hello, I sent you an private email. Youc could consider embryo banking before growing the embryos to blastocysts. In this way you only have to pay for the CCS once.


Hello janetwise, I used Menopur 75 and Gonal F 150 IE. I am a little,PCOisch, without having the diagnosis. I got double trigger with Pregnyl half dose(5000) and Lupron. I developed mild OHSS.


Maronb, Since I am new to the site, i am confused! I got a note you are “following” me, but don’t even know what that means. :slight_smile: Did not see any other type of response from you (which is fine, but want to make sure I was not missing it)! Still curious to know about your experiences cycling from so far away…


could someone please PM me the face book group? this site is horrific. Do you guys create an entirely new face book profile with a fake name etc? I don’t trust the privacy policies at face book…they tend to change too often without much clarity


Hi Maronb,

Thanks for the info! Hope you are recovering well from OHSS. Your med doses sound low, you must have very good AMH, AFC, FSH data. Hope you got good Day5-6 embryos!!



Hi friends, I agree - the board is definitely difficult to use lately. I am starting a second cycle at CCRM after a miscarriage from a previous cycle there. They’ve switched my protocol so I’m doing Protocol 3 (estrogen priming). My calendar said to start stims on Day 4 - which seemed late to me. I called to question and they told me it was for scheduling purposes - does this seem weird to anyone? They assured me it would not mess up the cycle as they are “still suppressing me with estrogen” - basically I’m taking another day of estrogen so that they can schedule things… any advice or thoughts are appreciated.


Someone please PM me with the FB group info. I made a new FB account special to join ya’ll. I’m looking forward to catching up on your journeys.


Hello all- I was wondering if someone could send me the link to the facebook group? I am considering going to CCRM now and doing my initial research. I’ve had 5 IUIs and 2 IVFs. Well kinda… the 1st IVF resulted in a miscarriage at 7 weeks. And this last IVF was cancelled after my retrevial. I had 17 eggs retrieved, 13 fertilized, at day 5, 3 were tested through PGD. All 3 were abnormal. I live in the Philadelphia area and go to the best of the best around here. He immediately started talking about donor sperm and/or donor eggs. Although we are okay with that, if thats whats needed, I dont think i’m there yet. Or if anyone has advice/suggestions, I am open to anything! thank you all!