CCRM Girls!!!


Just sent you pm


Just pm you


Hi, will someone PM the Facebook page to me? Thank you!


Hi, will someone PM the Facebook page to me as well? Thank you very much!


I have done protocol 3 and they have started me anywhere from day 2 to day 4.


NoKaOi, we’re coming to rescue you! :slight_smile: I’ve let the moderator of the FB page know that you are waiting and someone sent an email to your gmail account and also PMed you. Please check.


can someone pm me the Facebook link too?thank you so much!


Bomeister, can you please share your acai smoothie recipe. I am about to stArt my final retrieval in early november and am trying to do anything possible to make it my best. Thanks. Also did you drink these during stims also?


Can someone pm me the Facebook page as well? Also, how/where do I check my pm’s? This new site is terrible!


I posted last month about acai smoothies. I read online that Schoolcraft was doing a study on the benefits of acai and infertility treatments. I started drinking one acai smoothie a day beginning with my first meds all the way through transfer. I still have a couple smoothies a week (acai is good for you for SO MANY reasons, I figured why stop?? It is an antioxidant superfood.) My results in Denver exceeded any expectation that my husband and I ever had.

MmFlorida, the smoothie recipe I used was this:
1 packet of frozen acai (pure and unsweetened)- amafruits
frozen strawberries
1 cup of all natural fruit juice (this I varied)
1 dash of honey

*While I was in Denver (and without my blender) I found an acai smoothie at Jamba Juice.)


Wow, where did everyone go? Not a fan of this new site. :frowning:


Its quiet now…


Tried to PM you, but couldn’t get it to work. Having someone else PM you with info for the other group. We all bolted after the site changes.


I couldn’t PM you with info, so having someone else get in touch with you. You can see if you have any messages in the upper right corner of your screen (scroll all the way to the top), next to your log in name. Click on that to see messages.


Thank you bomeister. I will do it for this coming up cycle.


Hello! I am new to the board. I just had my phone consult with Dr. Surrey. Could someone pm me the Facebook page as we’ll? Thank you!


Would someone also PM me the Facebook link? I had my ODWU this summer. Thank you


Hi all!!! I am awaiting my consult with Dr. Schoolcraft. We have already decided CCRM is our last chance and are anxiously awaiting the consult so we can get this moving. Anyone know how soon can you schedule the ODWU after the consult? I have also done tones of testing and am wondering if they will make me repeat everything, anyone else experienced this?


Hi! We had our phone consult on Oct7th and our ODWU scheduled for next Thursday! I think it had to be scheduled at 5–7 days after your period(not 100%sure). We had our chromosome test done, and of course many, many regular testings done, they will determine what need to be done once we get there with our records;) good luck! Feel free toPM if you have questions! :wink:


Thanks mommienyc! I am hoping they take some or shall i say most of the testing that we have done since our insurance will not cover anything at CCRM. Wishing you the best of luck on your ODWU next thurs :slight_smile: i am not sure if this board is still active but i am definitley looking for some support as we head into our last a final ivf. If anyone knows of more active boards for CCRM please let me know.