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I have a box of endometrin leftover from my last cycle that is not expired. I had that and some other meds that I offered on this board 2 months ago. The person interested in the endometrin never gave me her address. So if you are interested, let me know. I just ask that you reimburse me the cost of shipping. Thanks!


Hello all! I have just started prep for an FET at CCRM. We had success there after our first IVF/FET in 2012. Are any of you doing lupron depot?


Has anyone used a local clinic in the SF Bay Area to do initial ultrasounds? I was working with PFC previously, but am a little nervous about going to them and telling them that we are switching to CCRM. Do other clinics take on monitoring patients? Similarly, with the Day 3 lab draw, what labs have others used in the SF Bay Area? Will Labcorp or Qwest do the work?


[QUOTE=“babzdra61, post: 1790289, member: 85331”]Has anyone used a local clinic in the SF Bay Area to do initial ultrasounds? I was working with PFC previously, but am a little nervous about going to them and telling them that we are switching to CCRM. Do other clinics take on monitoring patients? Similarly, with the Day 3 lab draw, what labs have others used in the SF Bay Area? Will Labcorp or Qwest do the work?[/QUOTE]

Hi babzdra61 - you may have already had your questions answered, but wanted to reply in case you haven’t since I’ve been in a similar situation. I live in SF and went to PFC for an initial consultation, but then switched to CCRM for my first cycle. I initially did use PFC for local monitoring, but only for my day 3 us/b/w because PFC won’t run LH for outside monitoring patients (which you’ll need run on day 5-6 when you have your 2nd us/b/w). As of a couple weeks ago, PFC told me they no longer will do any outside monitoring for CCRM (although apparently they will do it for certain other facilities - I’m assuming they don’t like the competition from CCRM). As a result, I’ve switched to UCSF for all my outside monitoring - they will do all the b/w you need and have actually been super accommodating and helpful. They are more expensive than PFC, but they are in-network for more plans (and will bill insurance directly unlike PFC), and I definitely recommend them. Let me know if you have any other questions!


[QUOTE=“babzdra61, post: 1790289, member: 85331”]Has anyone used a local clinic in the SF Bay Area to do initial ultrasounds? I was working with PFC previously, but am a little nervous about going to them and telling them that we are switching to CCRM. Do other clinics take on monitoring patients? Similarly, with the Day 3 lab draw, what labs have others used in the SF Bay Area? Will Labcorp or Qwest do the work?[/QUOTE]

I used Stanford for all monitoring.


For all the families that are serious about this process and are ready to take the big step, please take the time to read this review, it may save you some trouble.
Let me start off by saying I waited a full four months to write this. I wanted to have a clear mind and not be emotional in order to be fair to Dr.Aykut Bayrak and his team at LA IVF Clinic.
Full disclosure: My thought process differs from the rest of society. I originally started seeing a fertility expert because I wanted twins. I wanted to have two in one shot and only go through one pregnancy and I was willing to pay top dollar for it. My doctor in San Diego recommended Dr. Bayrak. They have a working relationship where I could have my monitoring done in San Diego and all the major work done in Los Angeles.
When I first met Dr. Bayrak I was very impressed with him and the way he took time to explain everything to me. I thought to myself “This was it, he was the best out there” and had a great bedside manner. He seemed to really care about explaining the whole process to me. He told me IUI was a waste of time if I truly wanted to get pregnant. He recommended I just go straight to IVF. I mentioned to him that I wanted twins and he told me he did not suggest putting two embryos in because having multiples will give me a higher chance of health problems and it will not be safe for the babies. He told me I had such a high rate of success that he would recommend only putting one embryo at a time.
He had a few suggestions for me before I started the process (stop partying etc.). I completely detoxed my body for 6 months in preparation for the IVF. I took prenatal vitamins and put nothing in my body except for food and water. Once I put the $2000 deposit down I was mentally and physically ready for the journey ahead. I was contacted by their PA Shady who was my main point of contact. She sent my calendar and prescription to MDR pharmacy in LA.
Now this is where I was left astray. I believe Dr. Bayrak must get kickbacks from this pharmacy because why else were they so adamant about me getting my meds from there? There are so many pharmacies in every city that cater to fertility drugs nowadays. I bought it from them because I did not know I had a choice. The pharmacy called me and told me they were prepping my order for shipment so it can arrive next day. I wish I had the knowledge to shop around! The same medicine from a pharmacy in La Jolla (San Diego area) was about 20% cheaper. That doesn’t really sound like a lot but when you are paying about $12K for medication it adds up!
Dr. Bayrak changed my medication protocol a few times, so what resulted was that all the medication I purchased I only used a portion of. Meanwhile, he continued to order new medication and the cycle happened all over again. Medicine just wasted! Money down the drain! After My IVF treatment I started asking around and learned that other doctor’s monitor their clients’ medication very closely and only instruct them to buy what is necessary because they know that the protocols can change to dramatically. Well lucky for them to get a caring doctor that actually cares about how much money their patients are spending! If you want a doctor to waste your hard earned money definitely call Dr. Bayrak!
I spoke to the pharmacy afterwards about returning some of the unused medication and they told me that was only possible if they hear it from the doctor who prescribed it. Also, my best friend is a pharmacist and she told me they do make exceptions and take back medications. I asked Shady about this and she told me she would contact them. That never happened!
I paid for my entire procedure to the office manager Linda. Obviously insurance does not cover this stuff and I ended up paying $17,480. Don’t be fooled people by thinking it’s only going to be 10K. Linda contacted me a month or so later telling me I need to pay more!!! WTF are you serious? She said I didn’t pay for some services and I told her I already paid everything she told me was necessary, that the breakdown in pricing she gave me is what I paid. Thank God I paid with a credit card and I had a record of payment because she was trying to charge me double!
Seriously what kind of business are they running over there? I had to dig up my records to prove it to her that I paid and finally she said “OK my mistake.” Can you imagine people who pay cash? They’re getting screwed by these hustlers. These are big “mistakes”!
On the paperwork, Linda told me my medication will be in the $4000-6000 price range, which is total BS! Seriously, plan on spending at least $10K! They quote you these low numbers then when you are so far into your treatment, the numbers keep going higher and higher you have no choice but to keep going. It’s terrible how they take advantage of their customers!
My Embryo transfer was delayed a month because my uterine lining was thin. I believe it was only 7.5 and Dr. Bayrak wanted it over 8. After my failed IVF I spoke to my friend in London who told me the doctors over there won’t even transfer if the uterine lining isn’t at least a 9-10. Because the success rate is low with thin uterine linings.
Finally my uterine lining was at 8.5 on the day of transfer. Dr Bayrak and his PA Shady and the embryologist were in the room explaining to me everything that was going to happen. The embryologist told me he was going to wait until the very last minute to bring my embryos into the room so they can be maintained in a sterile environment. He disappeared and it was only Shady and Dr. Bayrak left to find my uterus. He had a hard time finding it!!! OMG He moved from angle to angle and ended up taking the catheter thingy out and they did not have another one to put back in!!! He tells Shady to go look for another one and she comes back with one but it wasn’t a correct one. So she leaves again to find the right one. At this point the embryologist comes back into the room with my embryos in hand wanting to implant but we are not anywhere near that point yet!! My poor embryos are exposed! Realistically they were probably only exposed for about 7-10 minutes but that is a lot of time for something that precious! That was one of the most stressful moments of my life and also horrific!
The embryologist specifically told me the reason for waiting to bring the embryos was because they need to transfer from a sterile environment straight into the uterus. I honestly think during that time frame could have caused something to happen to them and that’s why I am not pregnant today. They were not prepared. Dr Bayrak honestly is over worked because he has so much going on now. He started selling his own line of medication. He has three offices, he is a hustler. He found a nitch, a career that does not require you to be successful in what services you are offering. He will get paid regardless! That is what is wrong with the fertility sector today. Doctors do not care about their patients. It really is about how much money they can make on these poor people who just want children.
After I figured out for myself that I basically was not pregnant Shady informed me that Dr. Bayrak would like to call me to discuss it and she scheduled a “CALL” for 4 days later. During that conversation he explained to me he was really shocked that it was not a success. Obviously he could not pin point what went wrong and I understand that. I also understand it could have been human error. We will never know why things don’t work out with fertility treatments and that is what is wrong with this industry. What if it was human error and the doctor did something wrong? Should we be subjected to pay the full amount if it was the Doctors fault? If I have a pool installed and one week later it leaks they will be out to fix it. If I pay for a Nose job and the Surgeon messed it up then he will fix it. How do you fix this problem? Dr Bayrak ended the conversation telling me he was going to come up with a plan for our next step. He was going to figure out where do I go from here? That was four months ago! I did not get a call, email, or even text! I believe being a great doctor you need to have compassion for your clients and by him not even reaching out when he said he would shows just how much he cared about me. I am just another number.

Ohhh….and I called yesterday to get my medical records and they told me I would have to pay $15 to get them!!! Jesus Christ this guy is seriously so money hungry that after I spent $30K he wants to charge me $15 for medical records!!! This really made me feel violated!!!
I wrote him an email stating my dissatisfaction with that and why it should be waived and he said NO. Instead, he had his office manager Linda email me a credit card authorization form for the $15. I felt even more violated at that moment. This guy took my money and ran! He also told me I was offered a follow up consultation after my failed treatment which is total BS. I was offered nothing! They just forgot about me plain and simple. No emails, nothing! That is the doctor you will get if you go with Dr . Bayrak.
What started off as a situation of me being a little selfish and wanting twins ended up as me having no baby at all and 30k down the drain. No embryos left to implant. I even did the nursery already because he was THAT confident in me being pregnant. I’m only 32 and in perfect health.
Good Luck in your journey.