CD 3 Follicle count


Hey all -

What is a normal or average follicle count from a CD3 ultra sound? I read numbers that are all over the place on the internet. I would be interested in what you guys have seen.


My RE does an antral follicle count on my CD3 ultra sound. The doctor said a total of 10 is great but I read stuff online about it that says that is low.


I was concerned by last month I had a total of 18 and this month only 10…doctor said that was fine.


JRD677, I have been worried about my counts too. In March, I had 8 on one side and 10 on the other on CD 4. This was before starting any meds. This month, I had just 5 on one and 6 on the other on CD 2. The RE and NP didn’t seem concerned at all; they said it was all fine. I am a little on edge cos of my FSH too. It was 7.7 in March and now it is 7. Estradiol was 56 and now 49, so I know my FSH is about accurate.

Anyway, I guess only time will tell. :pray: that this doesn’t mean much. Will be following this thread to see if anybody has more insights on this…

All the best to you and :pray: we get our BFPs soon!