CD 3 hCG level?


Today I went in for a CD3 US and the tech saw two cysts on the L side. I had an IUI last month with 100 mg of Clomid. She said cysts are common and because they were present the ER might cancel our planned IUI attempt for this month. Prior to leaving the office they drew a progesterone level as well as an hCG (beta) level. Anyone have any idea why they would have drawn the beta? I started AF on day CD 28, 14 days after our IUI. No symptoms of pregnancy and a :bfn: on the HPT on CD28. I did have a very light period but otherwise … I’m at a loss.

Ideas, thoughts, advice?

Thanks in advance!


Probably just as a precaution. A HPT isn’t always reliable.


Kinda figured that was why, of course the office is closed and I won’t know until tomorrow - driving me batty :wink: LOL! Thanks for the input.