CD 3 or 4?


So I am sure that it has been asked many times before but wanted to get some of your opinions.

I started spotting (red) on Friday 4/26/13 not even enough to use a pad or tampon. On Saturday 4/27/13 the heavy flow came. I was going to count Friday as CD1 b/c of red but it really was not much of a flow. So I started on Saturday - so today is CD3.

Is that what you ladies would have done? If spotting (even if red) - do you not start counting this date? Not much I can do about it now if I did it wrong, just wanted to know for the future.

Thanks for the responses.


That’s exactly what I would have done. If you’re just spotting, or start bleeding later in the day, then next day is cd1. Good luck on your cycle!:babydust:


Yes I was told to count first day of flow as CD 1