CD8, small follies...any hope?


Hi all!

I started this cycle out with 150iu of Lepori (generic European Menopur) and started that on the night of CD3.

My baseline that morning showed no cysts, a good uterine lining (4ish) - my RE was pleased, and two follies - one on my left and one on my right both around 4mm.

I did the Lepori for 5 nights and then went in yesterday morning for my CD8 U/S. It showed improvement but not quite what I was hoping for. My right ovary had two follies instead of one - they were a 5 and a 6. My left ovary also had two now that were the same sizes as my right - a five and a six. My lining did increase as did the number of follies but the follie sizes didn’t go up by much.

I don’t know if this is normal or not of if I should be concerned or not. My RE did bloodwork (he didn’t do any during my baseline U/S) and my E2 was 50. That seems low to me but I know it shouldn’t be too high but I don’t know if that is too low.

I’m very confused at this point. My RE wants me to stay on the same dose until my next U/S on CD11.

Do you think this is normal?

Is my E2 too low or OK?

Do you think I have a chance this cycle still?

Do I need to ask my RE to be more aggressive (we’re paying OOP)?

sigh TTC can be so confusing sometimes