Central Texas Women?


I was just curious in how many women are in this forum that are actually near my area… I accidently stumbled upon this site, & it’s the best ever! Now, i’m wondering how many women that are around me with having the same issues. If possibly even the same doctor… My RE is at Scott & White here in Temple TX… If it’s possible, I would like to know how others feel about this place and the RE. This is my first round of Clomid beginning of Dec, and it would be great to hear from someone that knows a lil more about it than i do…

:babydust: Just being curious :babydust:


I’m in the Dallas area and I stumbled upon this site myself. I’m on my 3rd round and it’s nice to know that you aren’t alone!


I am in the Austin area. So is Angeleyes. I did three rounds of Clomid with my OB with no ovulation, so now I have an appt with a RE Dec 15th!

Not too familiar with Scott & White. I know that not too many people are happy with there insurance and list of doctors are limited!


I am in Austin and currently seeing Dr. Hansard at Texas Fertility Center. Welcome on board :welcome:


Thanks for posting ladies!!!

I’m liking my RE here @ S&W… I start my first round of Clomid tomorrow!!! So far i’ve only been taking my low dosage of thyroid meds for the month of NOV… and I think it actually helped me A LOT! I ovulated on my own AND :af: showed right on time… which NEVER happens lol… I’m really loving this site… I’ve learned so much about this infertility stuff, and hope to gain more knowledge about it…


Hi Ladies! When I saw Central TX I had to drop in and say hello. I’m here in Austin as well…I see Silverberg at TCF. We’ve been on a hiatus for about 18 months! Long story…but I’m glad to be back on this journey…

I was supposed to start this month, but went in for my baseline u/s and I have a cyst. I have to recheck next week to see if this cycle will be a wash or not.

Best of luck to you ladies!


I guess that Texas Fertility Center(TFC) is pretty popular in Austin. That is who my OB, Dr. Baylor referred me to. Angeleyess referred me to Dr. Hansard in that practice. I have my first appt with her in Round Rock on Dec 15th. :clap: Oh and my boss also went to TFC! Excited to see more girls from the Austin area!


It’s a great office, I have to say. I saw a RE in Houston when I lived there…horrible experience. Here, it’s been fabulous. My nurse is really responsive, I have her email address and she’s always available and helpful. I’ve had three nurses and all have been great. I don’t think I’ve met Hansard, but I love Silverberg. He’s been super supportive and decisive…it’s been nice.

Best of luck to you! Keep me posted on what you think. I see them at the main office. I think I’ve been to RR only once. The main office is really nice. I think they are expanding to South Austin too. It’s a booming business that’s for sure…unfortunately.


This thread is old but I will chime in. I am in Killeen. My husband is stationed at Fort Hood. I am currently seeing my ob/gyn on post. He is doing a Clomid challenge since my other 2 Clomid cycles were not monitored. If I don’t get pregnant with his help then I have to be referred out to Fort Sam Houston for IUI. I am hoping though he can just send me to a Scott and White RE for injectables. I seen a Scott and White OB/GYN here in Killeen and hated him! I love every other Dr though I have seen at Scott and White. I had weight loss surgery to help with the PCOS and my surgeon was a Scott and White dr. My daughter also sees Scott and White drs. So I hope they will let me go to their RE if this doctor can’t help anymore.


I used to live in Belton! Husband is Military. we moved to El Paso in August of last year. I love that area. Miss it a lot!