Cervical Mucous on Stims.. not taking Lupron Help!


I am on day 8 of stims and I am on the stop Lupron protocol so I am not taking anything to prevent me from ovulating right now. It has been three days since my last blood work was done and I’m not sure they tested LH. I had 13 follies and only one was measurable 11.5. I had a few that were around 6 or 7. My E2 was 200.
I have been having a lot of cervical mucus the last few days and my clinic is not open so I can’t call them. My next us and blood work is tomorrow at 7:30. I am so nervous right now that I will ovulate early. I took an ovulation test yesterday and it was negative. I will take another one today, but if it comes out positive I’m screwed right? Anyone have this happen who wasn’t taking Lupron or anything to prevent ovulation?

I need some piece of mind.


It’s normal to have more CM when your E2(estrogen) rises. Why aren’t you on anything to prevent ovulation?


I have low AMH of .66 so they didn’t want me over suppressed. I took it for 14 days before I started stimming and then stopped. I am on a high dosage of meds and even then I didn’t have much to report. If I was on Lupron while stimming I wouldn’t be getting any follicles.


I see…

The cervical mucus is completely normal, I would just keep taking opk just to be sure your LH isn’t surging. fingers crossed for you!


U can still take ganirelix starting say day 5 of stuns to prevent ovulation? Any who I agree u can expect a lot of CM can’t believe ur clinic closes and u waited so long for bw praying all is well tomorrow