CF testing - did you do it?


We were offered cf testing during my infertility work up… And I declined because I thought that if I had a baby spontaneously ( ie without help of doctors:)) I would have never gotten tested before pregnancy. And if I ever did ivf ( which I did) i wasn’t sure if I wanted to do genetic testing… Well today we are testing my dh for cf because I found out I am a cf carrier. I was wondering how many ppl did decide to do cf testing prior to ivf?? Did u test ur embryos if both were positive? If my dh is positive… Can we test our frozen blasts or is it too late?


I can tell you that that DH got tested b/c we have a male IF issue. It came back that he tested as a carrier. So b/c of that, RE had me tested. Wanted to know if we were going to need PGD. In that process we found out DHs CF mutation caused the IF. We found out I don’t have it. After that we were sent to a geneticist. If we have a boy he has a chance of carrying that gene. But b/c we know that, they will test him for more mutations than state requires.

I’m glad we found out.


It was a requirement for our workup and a simple blood test so we did it and it is nice to know we are not carrier’s. It is one less thing to be concerned with. Had we been positive we may have tested our embies. I am not sure if frozen can be tested or not. Hopefully someone on the forum will see this and can answer that part for you.

Good Luck!! Sending you lots of babydust!!


So when they test a person, they look for the 60 or so most common mutations in the CF gene. If you are both carriers, you have a 25% chance of having a baby with CF, a 25% chance that the child will inherit two normal copies of the gene and a 50% chance they will be carriers.

Some carriers have mild CF disease which can cause infertility as a previous poster said.

I was tested prior to even starting IVF as it’s routine at my clinic if the patient is interested.

CF patients are living longer and longer these days but the current average life expectancy is only to live until the 30s. It’s a treatable but pretty awful chronic disease which requires multiple daily treatments.

Some people do IVF because both parents are carriers (to try to implant an embryo with 2 normal copies of the genes). So for me, if you’re already doing IVF, why NOT make sure the embryo isn’t affected? Just my opinion! Good luck with your choice and a quick call to the RE would answer your question about testing frozen embryos.