Chances with 2 early blasts


On Saturday I transferred 2 early blasts on day 5 the embryologist said she couldn’t really grade them because they were too early but that one looked wonderful and one looked good… One of them was a day 3 eight cell frade A emby and then day 4 Grade A morula so i think its of good quality Nothing else made it to freeze what do u guys think my chances are ???


I had one pre-blast, as they called it, transferred and got my first ever :bfp: ! So I think your chances are really good. I know another girl on here who had 2 pre-blasts in the morning when they called her and by transfer one had become a blast so they are changing so quickly at this stage I think it should be fine. Oh she also got a :bfp: . Good luck! :cross: for you and :babydust:


I had embryos transfered which were day three and 8 celled grade A. I now have a fifteen month old little girl. I also had two embies make it to freeze. Some divide quicker than others. I was told that the 8 celled grade A were the best in my doctors lab grading. Good luck and much baby dust to you!


After several transfers with 3 day embryos, we finally had a baby after a sequential transfer of one 3 day and one blast. I think my little goofball was the blast. Good luck!


We transferred a very early blast on day 5 that was highly fragmented and received the lowest grade that our lab gives. We’re now 36 weeks along!