Changing Clinics and Need NYC Clinic/Doctor Recs


Hi all,

I am just coming out after a year of recovering from my 2nd failed IVF/IVF chemical pregnancy. I needed the time to indulge in other areas of my life, as the cycle takes over all of my heart and soul when I am in the thick of it. Soooo…I am ready to start again, but think I will try a new clinic this time. I was at RMA, which has a great rep and stats, but something never really felt right. I felt like a head of cattle, actually, and never found the coordinator we had to be very communicative or nice. My doc was very nice, but I barely ever saw him. And I always wished I had chosen the female doctor there, as I met her once, mid-cycle and thought she was awesome, and perhaps more sensitive to my feelings.

So, I figure that since there are such great clinics elsewhere in NYC, where I live, I should try somewhere else. We are thinking NYU or Cornell, but we’re open minded. I live in Brooklyn, so NJ is just too far/expensive to get to on a regular basis, as are other places outside the city.

Our problem is male factor. We have very low sperm counts, though with very good motility. My levels are still great, although I am 38 almost 39. Both my cycles produced very few eggs. In fact, I did have one cancelation due to low response. I have since lost 30 pounds, and so has my DH, so we are slim and trim, and hopefully that’ll help a little. :slight_smile:

Finally, I have Oxford Freedom and need someone who will take that.

Anyway, I am trying to get into this last cycle with a level head, and welcome your recommendations for both a clinic and specific doctors there, as I really want to find the best doctor so at least I knew I tried my best.

It’s for things like this that this community is so helpful for!


I would have a consult with both nyu and Cornell to see what you think. I do know someone who went to nyu and was successful after failed attempts elsewhere. I wish you luck!!


I did two cycles at NYU after an unsuccessful cycle elsewhere. It wasn’t until I went to NYU that I realized I had no chance with the first doctor-cycle was a complete nightmare. I absolutely love NYU. We were also originally dx with MFI and I did get pregnant from both my cycles there. Unfortunately, they both ended, but they think I may have an underlying issue. We are currently taking a few months off to pursue further testing for immune issues etc, but I will be going back there for another cycle. They are highly recommended by me! Also, my brother and SIL have a five year old and just had twins b/c of NYU. They did 4 cycles elsewhere in between and were successful first time there with both pregnancies.


Thanks both of you. ReRe17, which doctor(s) have you had? I have had two chemicals as well. My doctor seems to have a very streamlined/assembly line approach and it sounds like you are getting some better care. I have had a hunch that NYU would be great for me. DH and I decided last night to check them both out. But I have no idea which doctors to choose. Last time we just went to NY Magazine Best Doctors, but I don’t think that’s the most reliable method now.


I use Dr. licciardi, but I rarely see him. The way they work is that each doctor has set days for ER/ET so whichever day you go in you wind up with that day’s doctor. For morning monitoring it’s always different. Sometimes its a resident and others one of the doctors. Basically, the doctor you choose is the one who makes all your cycle decisions and the one you would contact to discuss everything with. I like it and the different doctors don’t bother me. They are all awesome. I am pursuing immune issues through my OBGYN and a hematologist, but only for insurance purposes. I plan to cycle with NYU again in March. Hopefully we’ll have some answers and can change protocol and finally have one stick.


I was very happy at Cornell with Dr. Spandorfer. I’m the same age as you and now have a one month old ds from first IVF. :flower: I have several friends that also went to Cornell and had positive results which is why I went there. I don’t know about the insurance though. Good luck!


You could try SIRM. I mostly went to the westchester office for monitoring b/c that is where i live but the one in the city is where all the procedures are done.

Dr Totoriello is the RE in the city and he did both my er and et. They are aggressive with meds so they might be able to get you more eggs. We have MF as well and are pregnant right now.

Dr T is wonderful…and the staff was always great.


Here’s a second recommendation for Dr. Tortoriello at SIRM-NY. He got this 44 year old pregnant three times at the age f 44. Unfortunately…it did not work out likely due to old eggs…but no fault of his. I would also certainly consult with Cornell- Dr. Davis is known to work with us older ladies and ladies with high FSH. If you can’t consult with him, Dr. Spandorfer at Cornell is also supposed to be very good. I would also consult with NYU. Good luck to you.


Thanks everyone. It’s nice to have a name to go in with to Cornell. If anyone has names for people at NYU, I’d really appreciate it. Not sure about SIRM - this is the first I have heard of them…