Changing RE mid-cycle


Hello all,

I haven’t been on here in a month, but I wanted to check to see how everyone was doing…

Also, I had a question, since I went through OHSS on my last cycle of Femara with Follistim I had to take a cycle off. Now I am back in action, but I have always had bad vibes with my RE. My DH and I decided to meet with another RE in our area this month, we happened to get the appt on CD9 and I was on my second day of injectibles.

Well the new RE is amazing, I had never had a HSG and she decided how could the RE have me spend money and never fully check everything out, also wants me to be checked more frequently since I had OHSS.

My question ends up being, do you think it is ok to switch RE mid-cycle. It was a hard decision but I felt like this doctor was more inclined to work with me and my needs vs my previous one and I just wanted some feedback…I have this feeling of maybe I should’ve continued a cycle without changing…

Thanks everyone


Bad vibes with your RE is never a good thing…you’ve got to have trust and communication when dealing with an issue as difficult as infertility…if you’ve found an RE who you jive with and is willing to take you on mid-cycle, I say go for it!