Charting question re O date


Hi all

I am a bit at a loss regarding my ovulation date, this is the first month i am charting my temps maybe some more experienced charters can help me out

According to my OPKs and CM I should have ovulated around CD12 but FF is giving me CD 15 as my O day, possibly cause I did not input enough temps before I Oed? :confused: :confused:

Any opinions pls?


I strongly encourage my clients to chart, even just for 3 months, so we can get an objective measure of what is happening during her cycle. But charting has it’s challenges, so I thought I would offer a few tips to make it easier. Get a good thermometer nothing is worse than getting unreliable readings and wondering if your chart is even accurate. I like this thermometer but any digital that reads to 0.1 of a degree should do the trick. Prepare yourself mentally. Recognize that first thing in the morning you will be doing something that will remind you that you’re not pregnant yet. It can set a negative tone for the day if you let it. So just know it’s coming and prepare yourself with an affirmation; something like “This is part of my path toward my heart’s desire” or some version that works for you. Make use of online tools – it takes a lot of knowledge to interpret a BBT chart, and you want to keep your energy focused on getting pregnant, not becoming an expert in BBT charting! So make use of the amazing tools available online to make this easier. I like Kindara and Taking Charge of your Fertility. I was helped on my journey of charting in Bio tex clinic and the tips did help me.