Cheaper Medication


Hey guys! I’ve already maxed out on my coverage for fertility treatments for the year. I have BCBS- FL and they only cover $1000 in meds. That got me through one cycle! Now I’m paying over $1400 a cycle for my meds. That is a lot of money to come with with each month. I’m considering ordering my meds from overseas, but wondered if anyone else has any ideas or knows of anywhere to get them cheaper. Right now I’m on Clomid (which is manageable), Menopur $450 a month, and HSG $150 a month. Thanks guys!! :pray: :pray: :pray: that I don’t have to worry about it after this cycle, but just in case…


If you wanna buy the same brand-name pharmaceutical products like this oversea, it would be much more expensive (coz it’s also including the imported tax & delevering fee…and many things else).
Or, you can buy another brand-names with the same active ingredient. However, the quality is also have to be consider again…:grr: