Cheaper options for Endometrin or mail order advice?


Hi everyone, I’m back in the game and ready for baby #2. Insurance only covers diagnosis of infertility, so we are paying out of pocket for FET. Any advice about cheaper alternatives to Endometrin, or places where I can mail order for less than retail pharmacy? Price at Rite Aid is $430. Thanks in advance for the advice!


I don’t know if this helps, but I found a prescription company savings card at this website: I know that there are several overseas ivf med places, but I’ve never tried them myself. Hopefully that helps a bit!


Hi babyaftercancer! I remember you from my first Ivf! Good luck on your fet.


If there is a university hospital nearby, try there. It was only $360 for me at University of Iowa Hospital while it would have been $440 at the local Walgreens


I used for my fertility medications including endometrin. For 90 caplets of the 200mg dose, it cost me only $143. Hope this helps!