Chemical Pregancy?


I think I just had one. I got a few very faint positives and then went to the hospital today for a blood test and it was negative. I am really sad but wondering if it was a chemical pregnancy and if we can try again? We weren’t even trying. We went through 13 months of meds, and an IUI with my dd and then this was just one wild night and bam BFP. At least it’s got me thinking maybe we should try again, because I’ve had some fairly regular periods over the last few months. I was really hoping to try Clomid again, but I just have major medical insurance (it doesn’t even cover maternity) and not sure dh would be so willing to go through all the fertility stuff again. Does anyone know if you can get clomid from your Family Dr or would I need to go to a fertility specialist (I’ve moved and would have to find a new one) Wondering when I should expect AF? Any ideas?


You can get clomid from your regular OB.