Chemical pregnacy immediately next clomid round


Ok I can find a thread that has my question so here goes
I just had a chemical pregnacy but was unable to conferm it at the doctors I was wondering if any of you ladies continued your next round of clomid with no breakes


I haven’t but I know a member who has had a couple of them with no breaks.


I started out on a clomid thread and was there for 2yrs trying. In that time I saw many many ladies that did clomid right after chemical’s and had no problems. As long as the beta is down it is fine and actually there is some thought that the cycle just after is potentially more fertile.

:cross: this coming one is yours cycle. :babydust: :babydust:


I had a chemical the first month on clomid several years ago and as soon as I started my period they had me call to start my second round of clomid…