Chemical pregnancy question


My 1st beta 8dp5dt (FET) of early blasts was a 20. My 2nd beta 2 days later was only a 23. My question is why aren’t my beta levels dropping? Or am I not having the chemical yet and it will start soon?


Theoretically, it could have gone up after first beta and be on it’s way down now.

I’m so sorry :grouphug:.


Are you getting anymore beta’s done? I’ve always heard FETs are slow starters since they were frozen.


I’d get another beta just to make sure it’s back to 0.


Yes I am having a 3rd beta done Monday. I am right in not having any hope that this may work out, right?


With DD I had a beta of 45 on 9dp5dt and 5 days later at 14dp5dt it was 46. She is jumping on the couch now.

It is uncommon, but not impossible.


My RE just told me to stop my meds so I’m assuming that means there is no hope :frowning:


If you are going to have another beta on Monday I wouldn’t stop taking the meds until then, in my opinion, it’s better to be safe than sorry.


Hi Ally

I am in the same boat as you. My levels went from 79 to 88 so they are thinking its a chemical. My RE is having me continue my meds until monday when I have another test done. Do whatever makes you feel comfortable and if that means staying on the meds stay on them.