Chemical pregnancy question


Hi ladies… I have a question. 5 days ago I had my first beta at 8dp5dT FET. It
came back at a 20, 2 days later on thurs. I had my 2nd beta which was only a 23.
RE said prolly a chemical pregnancy and to stop my meds and come in on Monday
for a 3rd beta to make sure it has gone to 0. Tonight, 3 days after my 2nd beta
I poas and I’m still getting a positive test. The line is just as dark as it has
been, not any lighter. Shouldn’t my hcg levels dropped enough that it wouldn’t
be registering anymore or a least getting a fainter line??? I use FRER.


That depends on the type of test. Some read as low as 5 (not sure what the unit is, mL?) And some like the digitals read higher I believe at 25 or 50 units. FRER are very sensitive tests and there may not be a significant change in your hcg levels to change the results yet.

Or there is always hoping that the docs were wrong. Maybe try a digital and see what you get?? If it still says pregnant I wouldn’t stop the meds until you have a blood test to confirm chemical.


There’s a possibility your levels will still go up some and then come back down … Sometimes ectopics do some crazy beta stuff too.


My chemical preg last year took almost a month to get out of my system. I went from 23 to 13 to 36 to 15 to 0. If it goes on to long they may suggest methotrexate.


Update… 3rd beta only went up one point to a 24. Definitely looking at a chemical, but now that I know it’s over I just want my beta to go down instead
of slowly rising.




So very sorry to hear this. You have been through more than most. :grouphug: