Chemical Pregnancy Question


Hi All,

Just wondering if anyone had some advice or knowledge…

I had a chemical pregnancy this last fresh cycle…my beta went from 59 to 71 back down to 55. Then a week later my fourth beta went back up to 79. I have to go in for another beta in three days. So I’m guessing most likely they will have to do a D&C right? Wondering if anyone has recently had one and the recovery time or procedure? Do I have to go under general anesthesia again? My RE also said that I need to have a hysteroscopy to remove some scar tissue from my previous C-Section Scar in the uterus…which could have been reason for miscarriage…I was hoping they could do both things at the same time…I’ve had three surgeries in less than a year…was hoping for something easy this time!!!

Anyone have any thoughts? Thanks so much in advance…



If you don’t want a D&C or the doc can’t do both surgeries at the same time, then you’re probably a candidate for methotrexate. It’s a simple pill that causes the miscarriage.

(((Hugs))) Miscarriages suck.