Chemical pregnancy with PGD embryo?


hi there,
I was just curious if there are women out there who have had chemical pregnancies even though their embryos went through PGD testing.


I can not seem to find too much on the internet about it happening or not.


poor embryo quality. so that’s why we had them tested this time.


My last loss was a PGS tested embryo, so it can happen. But I wouldn’t worry about it yet. You are only 3dpt right? I wouldn’t even expect a line yet, so that fact that yours is not darkening noticeably shouldn’t be cause for concern. You also have carried full term in the past so you don’t have the issue of your body attacking a good embryos like mine does. I’d say your odds are extremely good :slight_smile: I am amazed at your willingness to help others out as a surrogate. Kudos to you :slight_smile:


I opted out of PGD testing at the last minute. There are women out there who had PGD normal embryos transferred and came out BFN or chemical. And they were not given clear explanation from REs why. There are speculation of less than stellar lab technique causing damage to the embryos or mitochondrial insufficiency which makes embryos fail to thrive after the cell extraction.


I am one of those ladies who had CGH normal embryos that resulted in chemical. We have doubts that our hla matches are to blame so next time we transfer, we will use neupogen. There are women who face chemicals and mcs after the birth of the son because apparently his antibodies remain in the body and all other future embryos come under the attack. All of this come under the field of reproductive immunology. Apart from hla matches, what other ladies wrote could also be a reason. However, you are still early to test.


I just wanted to give some good news about PGD testing. I have had chemicals and bfn’s with 4 ivf treatments. We did PGD testing with a new RE and I am so glad we did. I am currently pregnant with twins after 5 years of trying. Also, I saw your other post both were day 6 and one was hatching. Best of luck! Rach


that’s great to hear. I had a pregnancy with a PGD that went fine but this time the embryos would start but putter out. that’s why they decided to do PGD. I am a gestational surrogate for two guys and they have just had the worse luck! my body tries to take them but the embryos don’t continue to grow.